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Best course for ACA Chartered accountancy

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    Hi guys!
    I currently hold one offer! haha. And that's from City university/ Cass Business School for Accounting & Finance (nn43), the course entitles you to the maximum number of exemptions available for the ACA exams.
    Since I do not have a back up, and do not want to take another gap year (lol) I wanted to ask whether you guys know of any other courses within greater London (and not at private institutions where I wouldn't be eligible for a grant) that give you a good number of exemptions for the ICAEW ACA exams?

    Ive looked at Brunel- accounting & finance but was put off by their really low entry criteria but wouldn't mind if I can get a place there through clearing.
    Reckon I could call City on results day and try get into another course? such as Accounts & Econ? (which they originally offered me but then I asked to change to A & F)

    Thanks in advance guys, and I wish all of you the best of luck if you're waiting for your results! XD x
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    Hi Priyap,

    Congrats on your offer! The Accounting & Finance degree at Cass Business School is one of our best degrees, where you can get maximum exemptions as well as the chance of a placement year with an ICAEW firm. However if you're worried about not making the entry requirements, other Accounting related courses at City University still offer significant exemptions towards the ACA.

    In the Greater London area, you can also gain ACA credit for prior learning at Kingston, Middlesex, Greenwich, as well as several others.
    You can check out which credits might be available to you from all sorts of different unis using our directory here:

    Hope that helps, and good luck with your results!!



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