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Gf said 'you can touch me anywhere you like'. Your thoughts, girls?

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    OK, I've been going out with my girlfriend for a few months, we're both 21 and both virgins. Our make-out sessions have become quite passionate and very long lately, but restricted to kissing and respectful touching (i.e. I don't touch my gf's boobs/below the waist). Yesterday we were had been kissing/cuddling for a while and she seemed to be enjoying it - heavy breathing, soft moans etc. At one point she said 'you can touch me anywhere you like, you know', but I didn't really respond, just kissed her again.

    I admit that I'm a bit nervous about the next step, as I guess by that she meant that she wanted me to go beyond the 'respectful touching' I just described, but I'm not sure exactly what she wants.

    I realise that none of you will know this exactly either, but I'd be grateful if any girls could say (in general, rule-abiding terms :P) the kind of thing that would make you feel good at this point in this situation. I certainly don't want to disappoint my gf or give the impression I'm not attracted to her, but I am a bit unsure how to proceed to second base!
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    You can touch me anywhere generally means you can touch her anywhere.
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    You're ****ing in there mate.

    Sorry I'm not a girl, can't answer your question. Just gunna say a lot of men will be jealous of your position. (Assuming she's not hideous ofc).
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    I think her saying "touch me anywhere you like" was a subtle hint for you to take the next step But if you are really worried about this, you should probably talk to her about and find out for sure what she wants :yes:
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    She's inviting you to get more hands on. She probably realises that you're nervous and being "respectful" and in order to not make you feel inadequate, she's making it sound like you'd be the one taking charge. "Touch me where you like" means where YOU like, giving control to you, the man, in an attempt to preserve your manhood, which seems shaky as it is.
    Get in there, grab some boob and some ass, and earn your redwings.
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    (Original post by Derfel)
    You can touch me anywhere generally means you can touch her anywhere.

    OP just like she said touch her where you would like to touch her, we can't tell you where that might be whether it's her elbow, waist or elsewhere
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    On a serious note, you just got the green light to pop that cherry. You should go round to hers right now and do it.
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    She wants you to bang her, to put it bluntly. Get in there lad
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    It's obvious what to do if you want to, touch her wherever you like. I'm not gonna write a sex routine since i'm far from an expert, but that usually means have a squeeze and if she's cool with it go for the full thing.
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    (Original post by Derfel)
    You can touch me anywhere generally means you can touch her anywhere.
    You know, I would never have thought that! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    (Original post by tailschao)
    Sorry, I think you made a typo and wrote the numbers of your age the wrong way around.
    I don't think OP did.
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    Give her a Slingsby :sexface:
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    Poke her in the eye. Hard.

    Lol, just touch her boobs first, for goodness sake! It's natural when you're getting intimate.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Lol, just touch her boobs first, for goodness sake! It's natural when you're getting intimate.
    Why ruin the fun, wanted him to start squeezing her cheeks.
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    You've been told that by your GF and you still need to make a thread about it on TSR?
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    For some reason I misread the thread title as GP not Gf. The reality was disappointing...
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    stinky finger time (sorry)
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    She's telling you to man up and make a move.
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    Poke her in the boob.


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Updated: November 17, 2015
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