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Lads - gel or wax?

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    (Original post by spocckka)
    My good god. Guys, don't be so bloody gay.
    I think you'll find feeling or expressing love for another man or shoving your cock in another mans orifice(s) makes you gay, not hairgel.
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    (Original post by MJay91)

    I've only been using gel for styling hair and I'm getting quite tired of it as the hairstyle doesn't last for too long. I have no experience with wax at all and I'd just like to know what's the difference? Is it better for styling and does it last longer? I want my hair to look nice for freshers and obviously a gel won't do. Cheers.
    Wax. As long as your hands are damp (sometimes damp hair helps too, depending on the brand), it goes on really well, holds and doesn't come up with white bits in your hair.

    Wax is best.
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    American Crew Fiber all the way. Best stuff I've EVER used. Just make sure you warm it up a bit in your hand. Sold at a few hairdressers and online.

    It's like a wax. Bit of spray sometimes required if you want a stronger hold.
    Costs a bit more than the stuff in the supermarkets, but it's worth it.
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    Whatever you decide, do not ever come near this:

    Used it once and it took me 2 weeks to completely wash it out of my hair. I even used dishwashing liquid to no avail... I can't imagine what happens with the "strong" one
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    Why is it 'gay' to use products in your hair? How can you style it if you don't use gel or wax?
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    Wow, this thread has kicked off! Thanks a lot guys! I bought these two thingies yesterday. Does anyone have experience with any of them?

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    Or something else entirely:

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    All about this for me

    Tempted to try a tub of Muk as well, not sure if I should go for Filthy Muk or Hard Muk though.
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    I use either.

    Toni & Guy Styling Fibre
    Toni & Guy Styling Putty
    Toni & Guy Styling Pomade

    of which I pay £0 for
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    i have this V05 paste and i use a bit of hairspray to make sure it stays up the paste does hold well and is not rock hard
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    i use clay instead.
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    I don't really like putting crap in my hair tbh Gave up doing it some time ago now, but I always used wax/clay.
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    I'm not really the metrosexual type. I'm more of a man's man. So I don't put anything in my hair.
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    I have a mohawk so gel for me.

    Even when my hair's just short I can't seem to get my head around wax, it just seems to stick to my hands. :confused:
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    as a general rule...the shorter your hair, the harder the product should be...usually works best
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    Pomade. You can make your hair look like this.

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    VO5 Matt Clay is the way forward OP.

    (Original post by TTW)
    I'm not really the metrosexual type. I'm more of a man's man. So I don't put anything in my hair.
    Guess that makes you more the homosexual type.

    What's your boyfriend's name? :cool:
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    I just use bryclreem cream or this one
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