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Josh's training log

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    All lifts looked fairly easy, love the gurn as you unrack the squat aha.
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    What subject are you doing? I'm at sheff as well, I'll look out for advertisements for your club if you get it set-up.
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    (Original post by AreebWithaHat)
    What subject are you doing? I'm at sheff as well, I'll look out for advertisements for your club if you get it set-up.
    Doing mech eng in my 4th year. Yeah, it looks to be going well. We have been accepted as a club and have got our position at the sports fair. At the moment we are looking to be having a session or two with Dave Hembrough at Hallam Barbell (BWL and UKSCA accredited) and a couple of other guys, one of whom has competing at the commonwealth games.

    Also, are in talks with Sheffield Uni gym for a room that would likely be in one of the squash courts with platforms/racks that we could use a few times a week. If you or anyone else you know might be interested just message me on here and I can add you to the facebook group.


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Updated: September 19, 2013
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