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Where does everyone shop?

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    Bershka and Forever 21 are my favourite shops. I save up most of my money for serious clothes shopping in Bershka when I go Spain or Portugal.. it's cheap and good quality AND pretty! < 3
    George has some good things if you look, if I need the odd thing I'll hit New Look when sales are on.
    Apart from that, hand-me-downs from my friend's big sister. She gets all the expensive stuff..I get all the benefits. xD
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    Asos if im online. The only shop I actually enjoy going into is Schuh; I love irregular choice!
    I wish I could afford to shop in AllSaints =(
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    (Original post by icarus_xx)
    Apart from underwear and socks, I tend to shop in charity shops.
    I enjoy being in them more, they're cheaper, the money goes to a good cause, and I tend to find unique items that noone else has.
    I tend to wander into charity shops [I]trying[I] find that unique something. But never actually do. They never seem to have size 8 in anything.
    You must be pretty good @ putting outfits together; I think my downfall is that I can't see how a particular piece would go with another?
    I get my best friend to do all my shopping. All the benefits of a personal shopper. But SO much cheaper
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    ASOS, Topman and Size are the only three shops I use nowadays.
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    mostly ralph lauren in the states and in england but the choice isn't so great over here. I love A&F as well but again choice in the states is so much better. Almost forgot the best shop of them all though Banana Republic - amazing

    In england I tend to stick to house of fraser, john lewis for some stuff then, jeager, diesel, hugo boss, paul smoth and prada anywhere that sells these brands like harrods and selfridges.

    but day to day I tend to wear free clothes from volunteering or college merchandise like sweaters, tees, hoodies, tie and always if I get a backpack has to be North Face - so sturdy and last for ever if you want them to.
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    H&M, New Look and River Island in the sale, Primark, charity shops.

    Forever 21 is brilliant for rings.
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    eBay, Dogfish, H&M, John Lewis are the places from which I've most recently bought clothes.
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    Pac Sun, New Look, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, American Eagle, Aeropastle, Old Navy, Crew Clothing, Jack Wills and Hollister. I'm never able to find anything in charity shops :confused:
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    I shop online mostly. Forever 21 http://www.forever21.com/ US teens best love!
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    Hollister, new look, republic, H&M, footlocker.
    I only ever buy vest tops and pyjamas from primark.
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    Right now mostly:

    Ebay, House of Fraser, Jaeger, H&M, ASOS, TK Maxx, M&S


    Topshop, Selfridges, Debenhams, LK Bennett, Karen Millen

    I don't shop in Topshop very often, most things there are too trendy and not classic/smart enough
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    If i have limited funds:

    More money/sales I LIVE in:
    Zara, Miss Selfridge and Topshop

    On the odd occasion I may venture into:
    River island/Dorothy perkins/forever 21

    Overall fav shop: H&M-cheap,cheerful,decent quality,have a good range
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    Vintage fairs, ebay, vintage shops, car boots and charity shops.
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    Blue inc
    River Island
    Jd Sports
    Foot locker
    French connection
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    H&M is great, I usually go there! Recently i love to go shopping on line, it is quite convenient. Last week i received my prom dress on dressespro, and next week i will go to the party! hahah
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    H&M, Zara, dailyshop, Amazon
    Recently online
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    H&M,Charity Shops,Miss Selfridge,dorothy perkins ,Zara,Stradivarious,New Yorker(a shop I came across in Berlin)
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    Mainly H&M
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    High street wise, I usually stick to Topshop, New Look or Primark. I also really love shopping at charity or vintage shops to get quirky pieces if I can and it's giving something back to charity as well. Afflecks Palace in Manchester is one of my favourite haunts when I'm up there visiting friends.
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    house of Fraser!it has all my faves,whistles,mulberry,Karen Millen,ted baker,kurt Geiger,dune, lulu guiness.as well as all the usuals like warehouse and oasis & they always stock Chanel cosmetics


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