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Ukcat disaster

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    Shocking ukcat score today (583). Wanted to apply to Southampton but understand their minimum is 625. Had 3A's and a first from Warwick in 1998 and 2 distinction MScs since then. Any advice on places which take ukcat less seriously. Honestly dont think I could have done better but have always done well in exams before this. Confused, any pointers much appreciated :confused:
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    Look at universities that dont use UKCAT at all, like Bristol and Liverpool for example
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    It could be worse believe me (one of my scores in the past was in the 400s category and I got an interview). It won't hurt to just apply. You have a fantastic academic background and I'm sure you have great experience to go with it. I'd suggest you apply to medical schools that don't put too much emphasis on the UKCAT ( If you don't get in this year (which I hope doesn't happen) there's always next year (more time to save money and gain w/e). You've waiting this long so an extra year won't be too detrimental

    Also - Your age might be an advantage. Medical schools love to widen their scope to all applicants.
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    (Original post by GoldenCakes02)
    Look at universities that dont use UKCAT at all, like Bristol and Liverpool for example
    Thank you.will do that. Cheers!


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Updated: October 4, 2012
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