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Megathread of EastEnders MKII

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    him crying last week (maybe week before!) broke my heart :emo:
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    (Original post by Eternal*)
    Why would they even go for each other? This is sooo messed up
    Because the writers are running out of ideas and just picking names out of a hat for the next affair storyline they're going to do :yes:
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    (Original post by secretmessages)
    Because the writers are running out of ideas and just picking names out of a hat for the next affair storyline they're going to do :yes:
    You speak the truth
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    As if Heather let Billy 'runt of the litter' Mitchell shout the odds like that. I reckon she could take him.
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    According to the Mirror, there is crisis talks because the ratings have dropped.

    Liked Cora tonight.
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    (Original post by secretmessages)
    Because the writers are running out of ideas and just picking names out of a hat for the next affair storyline they're going to do :yes:
    The writers on these things get a bad rep. I think because the UK has so many American exports, where so many series have the writers as the core showrunners, there is an impression that soaps / dramas here are the same. In the case of soaps, I can't think of any of them where this is the case. The writers are most freelancers, just trying to earn an honest crust and make the best of what they're given. They are given a comprehensive outline out of what the producers and storyliners want in every episode - the writer's job on soap really is quite uninspiring as in a way all they do is join the dots and create a bit of magic if they can. Storyliners are often just English graduates ffs :facepalm: without any writing background. I don't know why this is the case in the UK, and soaps aren't run completely by a core team of brilliant writers. I know they're paid quite a bit, but this is on the basis of not actually getting that much work across the year.
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    Lucy and Lauren are soo fit! :sogood:
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    Cannot stand Mandy's mum.
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    (Original post by Kruz)
    Lucy and Lauren are soo fit! :sogood:
    true story
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    20 quid says one of those two has plummeted to the ground by half 8
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    I was waiting for the theme music from The Apprentice then.

    This looks dreadful! :lol:
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    For a moment there I was expecting for Lord Sugar to appear! haha
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    I think Michael is going to throw himself off the building
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    Lol, I felt like BBC were switching between 'The Apprentice' and 'EastEnders', LOL I was getting confused. :laugh:
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    OMFG, Janine and Michael ENGAGED. That look says that something will happen.

    I too was confused, The Apprentice or EastEnders
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    O man, that was terrible. I thought I was tripping on acid or something there...
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    And the award for the most sinister looking couple of all time goes to...
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    I like Michael and Janine as a couple. A very good match lol.

    Though, I am getting kind of concerned. At first, Michael was not hot. However, he is increasingly becoming so. In a weird, slightly psycho kind of way lol.
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    Keeping it real like Ian Beale :cool:


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Updated: July 12, 2015
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