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Dance and Trance Music Society

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    ok well you have to register but it dead quick and free! www.jaydiocity.co.uk
    It has a dance section. I love the pleasure rooms music so check out that bit!
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    (Original post by Miss Natalie)
    i have been to many a psy trance night and when ive been to glade festival i have bopped about to it and alot of people i kno are into it..hahha including my mum.....but hmmmm i dunnno the people are always friendly hippy types (which is nice) but id rather dance to a bit of drum and bass or mashcore to be honest.....
    Where were the psychedelic trance nights and the Glade Festival? Oh, and when? :p: Friendly hippies- cool.
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    well then dj nastie could you inform me on drum and bass/jungle acts..i could cheaks out.......i downloaded a song the other day by dj wildchild + mc skibadee it was called jungle talk...and i really really would like to know more about this type of moosic....i loves it...well what ive heard sooo far anyhows.....
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    right glade festival is an electronic dance music festival its only been running as an independent festival for the past two years..it was orginally a part of glastonbury but it branched out....go and cheaks it out on....www.gladefestival.com....i cannot wait for glade this year..its such a good festival.....aphex and squarepusher have played both years..and they where amazinnnnn.....

    and psy trance nights.....such as alien resonance and soma sonic....are held in the zanzibar in liverpool........but if you dont live near liverpool im sure there will be some nights around where yo live.....just search on the net and you should find summit....
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    dj phantasy feat. uk apache - i say
    dj zinc feat. ecksman - drive by
    dj phantasy - gimie da girl
    dj phantasy feat. ragga twins - oh lordy
    simon bassline smith & drumsound - big tings
    dj phantasy - How it is!!! (generation dub remix)
    dj hazard - rock da boat
    dj hazzard - bubbles
    twisted individual - bandwagon blues
    chase and status - duppy man
    capone - style baby
    distorted minds feat. skibadee - give it to me
    shabba - here comes the mic man
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    ahhhh cheerssssss dj nastieeee..i shall download em.......
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    Yay!! I'm surprised there aren't more music societies around here! My favourite type of dance music is Funky House....good to dance to and good to just listen to! But I like most dance music except perhaps hardcore...
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    (Original post by TheWolf)
    Trance Music - a magical incantation, a journey which breaks free of all physical and spiritual bounds, diving deep into the midst of imagination where no laws apply. It is a means to a higher state of consciousness.

    We should have a trance society and separate ones for other genres?

    yes, I agree....
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    Stick me down for this society please. I think my avatar, profile pic says it all.
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    Hard house all the way, Tidy boys, Lee haslam, lisa lashes, anne savage, tara reynolds, heavens cry, Yoji Biomehanika (sp?), Guyver, Amber D, Stimulator, JP & Jukesy...the list is endless. If no-bodies ever heard any HH or any of these artist i seriously recommend downloading a few tracks.
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    I used to reeeeally be into trance a couple of years ago, when it was at it's peak I guess... since then it's gone a long way downhill which is a shame, but I suppose every genre has it's peak! Favourite DJs were Tiesto and Ferry Corsten (Carte Blanche - wow!)... interesting that they're both Dutch - says something about their country?!

    More lately I've been listening more to breaks/DnB - Pendulum definitely my favourite, also like High Contrast and Digital Witchcraft

    So yeah add me please!


    Oh yeah how could I forget?! Faithless - by far the best EDM group ever!
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    Oooh I want to join!! I love my dance trance house etc... Well not to listen to it at home so much but out clubbing its the only way to go. *loves it*

    Going clubbing in bham in a couple of weeks cant wait! Going to cyberdog to get some cool togs.
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    what club you going to in b'ham?
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    (Original post by Dj Nastie)
    what club you going to in b'ham?
    Havent decided yet... did godskitchen (air) last couple of times. Custard factory is meant to be pretty amazing. Hmmmmm will leave it to my friend to decide; I just go and dance!
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    ooh..put me down to join

    hardcore fan here, as the avatar suggests. especially anything on Next Gen or Blatant Beats labels..i worship dj Brisk, and i love Stu Allan :adore:
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    Trance is in itt best state for many years currently, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond and the like have saved trance from extiction. Personally i prefer Hard Trance now, Lee Haslem, Alphazone, K90 just make awesome awesome tunes!

    Hardcore is also massive now, Trancecore such as stuff by Styles & Breeze, Hixxy (too a lesser extent), Dougal and Re con is just fantastic, Freeform by Sharkey, Scott Brown etc is just crap i think. Gabber.....nah

    Hard House is also alrite atm, Illogik, Paul Glazby,Amber D....get in my son. But a big mention must go out to Eddie Halliwell who must be the best DJ i have EVER seen perform, fantastic.

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    So what if it's slow? :|
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    I just dont like slow music lol, if you like it then fine but i just dont!, i love extreme dance
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    it depends what sort of mood i'm in what speed of music i listen to...i wouldnt slate a whole genre just cos it was too slow although i do agree that faster music is obviously better.

    house music is the sort that i'd do my washing up to on a sunday...
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    speaking of high-octane hardcore music....does anyone else have the pleasure to own this i've got all of the3 volumes from this series and its probably the best quality of all hardcore cd's available out there to buy...also the best one of the three


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