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bradford college 2011

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    hy there anybody stating bradford college this year im going to be studying social work.antbody else going to study here
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    Am at bradford college this year studyin business computer solutions you going to be in halls ?
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    nah i live 5min from college and living at home.just thort ther mayb a lot of ppl going here like for teaching you know the start dates for this year i really need to no
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    Well I know I have to enrol on the 20th of sept they should send you a letter when you know you have been accepted or not. Most likely you will have to enrol on the 20th though.
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    well i no i have to enroll on14th but we shud i think start aweek after we enroll dont you think
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    Owww sorry yeah we enrol on the 14th and actually start on the 20th
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    yeh well thats gud then i also heard thet they will be sending us enrollent letters out this wee.i needed to no when we started as iv got a job with the british science festavil which is from the 9th till 15th of sep and didnt want it to clash.bradford college rung me today aswel to ask me if i v passed my course.i sed well i have to meet my conditions for 31st and they sed they want all confirmation of results by end of week i dont think thats tutur is taking the piss to give me a letter so i can give it uni.bradford college uni sed they are ringing everyone up and wanting oral consent of results basically taking my word for it so they must be changing it on track
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    Just tell em how it is and get on your tutors case !
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    yh i have i gave the letter in yesterday i was waiting like ever1 els to day to get on track it took 2hours comfirmed so no worrys now all sorted.u all sorted for uni.i just need to no open a student bank account thinking of goin with loyds tb,hu u with
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    oww kl am all confirmed as well and am going with natwest they look the best to me in all honesty
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    Heyy, I'm starting at bradford college this year also going to be studying social work (:
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    hey dancer93 kool your the 4th peron i know goint o do the same are you frm bradford or coming from sumwere welol excited cant wait to start.wat about you know wen we start yet.hav you recieved enrollemnet letters yet coz aint and they sed we shud get thm last week
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    I havent anyone apart from you, No i dont come from the bradford area, i live in normanton, wakefield but i'm going to be communting, hoping to learn to drive soon so it might be abit easier, yourself? No havent got a letter yet, i only got confirmed on ucas, on thursdy when igot my results, althought if we was meant to get one last week, i might ring up if i dont get one this week.
    I'm reallty excited to start but nervous aswell :/
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    yeh ok.well i live in bradford just around corner from bradford college.yh im guna wait till end of week then ill ring them.are you on yougo.well it wont be long before we start now.wen you coming to live over hear.and by the way whats your name name is anisa and im 20 in 2weeks yh lol.
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    (Original post by anisajazz)
    yeh ok.well i live in bradford just around corner from bradford college.yh im guna wait till end of week then ill ring them.are you on yougo.well it wont be long before we start now.wen you coming to live over hear.and by the way whats your name name is anisa and im 20 in 2weeks yh lol.
    Thats good then, and i dont know if i will be moving yet, i plan on just communiting, getting train and that for now. No i'm not on it what is it? and my names Bryony. You got facebook ?
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    no i dont hav facebook hun.yougo is the ucas forum site so all uni people are on there checkit out put it in google
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    am currently studying at bradford college , i might see you around
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    bradford college are lyers still aint recieved enrollement letters
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    have you had an enrollment letter or a CRB form from bradford college yet? i havent heard anything :/
    if not have u rang them at all or got a number for them?? xx
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    I sill aint got mine kinda gettin pissed lool


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Updated: September 12, 2011
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