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How to find music played in NEXT stores?

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    There's this song I'e heard in NEXT and I really want to know what it is :/
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    I work there. I THINK but I'm not entirely sure that they all have the same music.

    If so, describe it?
    If not, describe it?
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    All they ever play is The Drums and Metronomy so try either of those two for starters.
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    Oh I know this feeling! It's not always my cup of tea, but sometimes they play an odd indie track in a clothes shop that I really like the sound of.

    What I generally do (with any song I want to know) is just save the lyrics down as a draft, and enter them in quotation marks on google. It might not help for this one, but hopefully in the future you'll be good for it.
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    I had this problem in NEXT the other day myself.

    I've gotten the app "Shazam" on my phone. Hold it to the music and it'll tell you what song it's playing.

    If you can't do that, try your best to remember the lyrics (if it has any) until you get home, and copy them in to google. But normally I find that the same lyrics have been used several times over in different songs. For example, heard a song with the words "Going to the club" or "Gonna rock this party!"? Good luck finding it in the myriad of other songs that have used that line.

    Lastly, ask an employee.
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    ...go to Next
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    lol all that jazzy music
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    I had this once in CEX (not a clothes shop, but still a shop) where I was in a stupidly long queue and they played a song I really liked the sound of. When I finally got to the counter (where my reception wasn't quite as friendly as the previous customers, but that's another story) I asked the assistants what the song was and they told me the artist. A few weeks later, that song now appears on my iPod. @Sasukekun that app sounds amazing!

    I don't normally go into Next, but if you hear that song again in a shop, ask the assistant! And for the record, the song was Ultimate by Gogol Bordello (if you were wondering).
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    Just instal a app called shazam on your iphone/ipod. It will listen to 10 seconds of the song and will tell you what song that is
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    What were the lyrics exactly? When I worked there it tended to be a playlist of the same songs. I heard Silvia by Miike Snow EVERY time I was on fitting rooms and it bugged me for 2 and a half weeks not knowing what it was. Good times! Half the songs I heard are now on my iTunes just from eventually finding them really catchy.
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    does anyone know a song with these lyrics - and i know, bringing it up now or giving it up now (backing singing i think )

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    The music which is played in Next stores is the same throughout all stores. We receive a CD from head office every month with new music. Some tracks are new, some are classics. Try using the Shazam app, if not and you are really desperate ask a member of staff. Chances are they've already heard the song 20 times that day.
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    I work there and I've made a playlist on Spotify.
    Its called: 'The Next Playlist (Shop in UK)'
    Its not all the songs yet but I'm working on it and
    will try to add new songs when they appear on the playlist.
    Hope this helps.
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    (Original post by cbacullen)
    I work there and I've made a playlist on Spotify.
    Its called: 'The Next Playlist (Shop in UK)'
    Its not all the songs yet but I'm working on it and
    will try to add new songs when they appear on the playlist.
    Hope this helps.
    That playlist isn't appearing on Spotify
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    I had this exact problem today! Some upbeat track about "staying the same" or something. I had a giggly about in the changing room. Shame that Spotify playlist isn't showing up!
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    If you know some of the lyrics, google them, its worked for them plenty of times
    Or you could`ve gone and asked at the store. But I understand that it would be awkward lol
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    I know people have already said this, but...

    If you have a smartphone, install an app called "Shazam" or "SoundHound". Both of those will pick up the music and tell you the song/artist

    If you can remember the lyrics, shove some of the lyrics into this site:

    And it will bring up a list of songs with those lyrics

    Chances are, if it's a major store, they'll all play the same songs nationwide.
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    There's a song that by some indie/electric band, I think the chorus goes "this isnt a murder, this isnt a murder" don't know if these are the lyrics but I can't find it at all. If anyone could help me that would be great!


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Updated: January 27, 2015
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