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Should I take a gap year?

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    I'm at the end of year 12, second time round. I'm supposed to in the process of applying to uni, but don't know what to study (not science, that's all I know :L )so I've looked into some alternatives like apprenticeships but I'm still drawing a blank. I just haven't found anything that really genuinely floats my boat. I would really love to go to uni, but it would be more for the experience rather than the learning so it makes sense to put it off until I know what I want to do, only I don't know what to do in the meantime. I have one more year in sixth form and I need to decide what to do after that. Uni would be great, but it's expensive if I'm not 100%, no apprenticeships I've found really appeal to me, and without knowing what sector I want to go into, it's very hard to narrow down the type of apprenticeship. So I'm left with a gap year. They sound amazing (things like a year working and living in Australia, even just a summer doing Camp America) but I'm worried about two things: firstly, finance. I've been on several sites and these years out are mighty pricey. Secondly, never getting back on track. I'm worried that if I take a year out, I'll lose any momentum I have with my studies and won't get back into it. Has anyone decided to take a gap year here? What were your experiences, would you do it again, how was adjusting back into life once you were home and were there any downsides to a gap year?
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    Taking a year out can really put your future into perspective; you find yourself taking a step back from being stuck in the 'flow' of education and take a good look at what you enjoy and what you might see yourself doing. I took an unexpected gap year because i didn't like the uni i was at and dropped out 6 weeks in, so the rest of the year I worked. But if you're not sure, don't jump into it, take a gap year and look at other people around you, what they do, whether their job inspires your or... maybe completely repulses you! I think my gap year really helped! But in order to keep in the swing of things, apply through UCAS as soon as possible.. (October time) so you have the summer holidays to travel a bit and then maybe by october you'll have some idea about what you'd like to do maybe for instance you might like the area of ... medicine, so you can apply for medicine type courses or Music or whatever takes your fancy. You can change your place of application up to christmas I believe, so there's always that. If not, take a year out to chill and then work for a year after, yeah its two years out but its better than spending £27k on a course you hate. apply for some jobs ASAP to get some money in the bank and go away and travel on sites like WOWCHER they do cheap get aways that don't break the bank! Good luck with everything !


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Updated: July 29, 2015
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