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Bunac work america 2014

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    So i've just paid my deposit and started looking for jobs...

    Will be my first time and I am so so nervous! I'm going on my own too but really hoping to meet some people before I go over...

    Hoping to get a job in the New York area or anywhere on the east cost really. Has anyone else paid their deposit and started looking for jobs yet? Where's everyone planning on going?


    This is so cool! I did Work America with BUNAC last year and actually worked in Maryland on the East Coast and it was beautiful! Have you found any cool jobs yet? I'm still considering whether I want to do it again.

    Hey I've just signed up and hopefully going to pay my deposit in the next few days.. I'm looking for work on the east coast and I'm torn between doing the self placement or full placement have you had much luck yet with the job hunt or is it safer to go with the full placement any help would be appreciated 😃

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    Iv just signed up aswell don't really mind too much where I work as still get plenty of time to travel after


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Updated: December 20, 2013
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