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Magdalene College (Cambridge) Students and 2016 entry Applicants

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    gosh, we're starting individual threads for 2007 applicants already???
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    (Original post by Meat Loaf Rocks)
    Magdalene never seems to get mentioned on this forum so this is a thread especially dedicated to it,
    Hey - nice to see another Magdalene hopeful!

    Actually, you would be surprised about how many Mag applicants I've seen on this forum in the past few weeks (OK, not loads, but certainly more than last year).

    I'm applying for English. Fingers crossed!
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    This year's applicants seem even more nervous than my year's :P
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    I'm at Magdalen which is almost Magdalene, does that count?
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    Nice to hear from all you Magdalene hopefuls.

    I'm not nervous really, I just wondered what is the time scale of things for this college.

    So what attracted you to apply to Magdalene. For me it was the relaxed atmosphere, all buildings close to college and just a little out of town.
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    Similar reasons for me: close-but-not-too-close to the town centre, accomodation for all undergraduates, healthy work/play balance (apparently!) and friendly people.
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    Oriental Studies combined (Middle east and Spanish),currently on gap year (Granada for ever) so I don´t know if I was sent something already (I sent my CAF 5th October and my UCAS on 10th),I did Hungarian Erettsegi/Matura with 4,8 all over result out of possible 5 with the best grades at higher level (Spanish,German,English,Literatu re and History).
    Good luck everybody,it´s good to see that there are some people from/to Magdalene
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    Yup, Magdalene '07 applicant.
    Applying for Geography. Magdalene was the first college I looked round at an open day back in July, and unlike the other colleges I looked at I was shown roudn personally. Absolutely sold it to me - there was such a warm welcome!! I was also attracted by the proximity of all the college buildings to each other... loved the whole place really!!
    Just got the ahem, minor formalities of the interview to content with now

    Trish x
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    I went on their open day in May and really liked it: the talks were really well organised and didn't just feature the usual description of the application system - they actually gave useful advice and information.

    That, and the lovely student that showed us round, made my decision for me.
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    I got my confirmation letter 2 days ago
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    I got my confirmation letter yesterday (friday) about 10 days after i sent the CAF to them.
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    I'm second year at Magdalene, doing SPS, and work on the Access Team. Any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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    I should hopefully be coming to Magdalene in 07. I'm currently on a gap year.
    But I must say, there certainly are a lot more people on TSR this time than there were last year!

    I applied to do Medicine. AAAA in Physics, Chem, Bio and Psycho. (not counting Gen studies. A)

    I can help with interviews and the likes, but as far as things about the college go, I'm in the same boat as you!.
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    I'm not really sure... some people on TSR seem to have an interview date already, whilst some have said their college warned that you're only informed a week before!

    At a complete guess, I'd say we should know a week or two after 15th Nov, because that is the deadline for SAQs and written work samples to be submitted.

    Probably best to ring/email and check, explaining your situation
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    I know that they don't have the exact schedule yet because I have been begging for the past 2 weeks to get an interview among the first ones on the 7th December (Spanish) in order to be at Luton airport on time.
    But they were very friendly and helpful and included my hysteric demand on my file
    So give them a ring and explain.The admissions office is reaally very very nice (at least on phone).Nothing in comparasion to Trinity's "why should I be interested in your problems?!" attitude from last year...
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    Good!So I have chances of getting it in a week or so I just love Hungarian post service...
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    Well, I'm guessing I'm going to be one of the first to be interviews, as I'll be at Magdalene on Wednesday for Geography. Really excited!!

    Now, how's this for a totally trivial question - what's everyone planning on wearing? ; )

    Trish x
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    Lol, I'm a boy, but don't want to do the whole shirt-and-tie thing. I'm thinking smart trousers, nice shirt and shoes and a jacket. Basically a suit, without the tie, I suppose!

    Good luck!
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    I got my interview days: 6th and 7th, wohoo I'll wear nice bluse with skirt...though I'm a girl


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