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The Official University of Birmingham Freshers 2011 Thread!

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    (Original post by megan:))
    I just wanna know now if I've got it or not
    Once we know, its going to all feel so real!!
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    Just got my accommodation offer- Hunter Court- anyone else there?
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    chem eng living at maple bank block 10 flat 78 boyarr
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    pritchatts house flat 1? Havn't accepted yet! :/
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    Name: Leonie
    Course: Geography
    Accommodation: Maple Bank, Block 7, Flat 55
    Moving from: Bristol
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    (Original post by SunShine93)
    Just got my accommodation offer- Hunter Court- anyone else there?
    Me. (Mature student, law.)
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    Name: Rav
    Course: Law
    Accommodation: don't know yet but i really want to know (mason was first choice though)
    Moving from: Leeds!
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    Has anyone else not received anything from Bham lately? I haven't had a welcome email or anything....should i have?
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    (Original post by thesilvermagnolia)
    Has anyone else not received anything from Bham lately? I haven't had a welcome email or anything....should i have?
    I've had nothing from them for a while either guess just wait till a welcome pack comes through or something
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    Yay, into Birmingham to study English 2011 - will be living in Shackleton: Flat 22 apparently
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    International Relations - Mason Flat 127 - anyone else?
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    Mature student Access. LLB Law this year with Mason as my accommodation, worth the high cost ? Anyone ?.....
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    Name: Hattie
    Course: Internation Relations with Political Science
    Accomodation: Ashcroft Block 1 Flat 4
    Feelings: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
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    Ashcroft, Block 4, Flat 31 anyone
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    Name: Indy
    Course: English
    Accommodation: Shackleton flat 69
    Moving from: Belfast

    Anyone for joining the UOTC???
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    Name: Keiron
    Course: Medicine
    Accommodation: Mason, Flat 138
    Moving From: Brynmawr, South Wales
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    Woah, so many have their accommodation offers, were most of you unconditionals before today?
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    Name: Tom
    Course: International Business
    Accommodation: Mason
    Moving from: Burton

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    Anyone in Mason Flat 63!!?
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    Name: Emily
    Course: BSc Mathematics
    Accommodation: No offer yet, first choice Elgar Court
    Moving from: Leeds (well, near enough)

    Also, is anyone buying Freshers Fest tickets, yet? I don't know whether to wait until I find some people in my halls.


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Updated: August 21, 2012
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