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    starts on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm , anyone else watching and anyone got any predictions on who going to be in the house

    mmmm - no idea, there's always people where i'm like 'who the hell are they?' and others that really surprise me when they step out of the car. I've heard all sorts about who could be going in, Amy Childs, Jedward, Rachel Stevens, Pamela Anderson, Charlie Sheen, etc. But I think it could be anyone....(doubt that Charlie Sheen will be walking through the doors tonight though

    Amy Childs, Jedward, Sally Bercow and some guy called Lucien who's been in Corrie and some other show are all 100%. And Kerry Katona is about 60%. Is no one going to watch?

    I'll be watching :yep: Not too sure about Brian but I hope he'll do a good job...

    I'l be watching :bigsmile:

    me too

    I wish it was ordinary people instead of celebs though. :sad:

    I hate to love Big brother. I'll be watching later.

    its on!!! it's on!!!

    Cant believe I'm actually watching this hot mess, im desperately hoping its going to be half decent, because as a fan of the original Big brother, I'd hate for them to spoil the memory any further...

    Also I'm surprised Channel 5 managed to afford the same set as on channel 4 lol :teehee:

    This feels so weird without Davina :unsure:

    edit: Kerry Katona :facepalm2:

    Kerry Katona. :sigh:

    She's got literally nothing to lose, fair play.

    Swagger Jagger. :sigh:

    Kerry Katona - switching off. Can't stand her.

    Chav TV.

    (Original post by fallen angel9)
    I wish it was ordinary people instead of celebs though. :sad:
    after the celebs are finished it will be ordinary people in there

    She's pissing me off already lol. Wonder if it's true about Charlie Sheen!

    it must be awkward being the first in there and no one to talk to but yourself.

    Kerry and Jedward. People will be running from that house screaming...


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