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The hardest A Level subject?

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    Now that all you Year 13s have left.. Give us some ideas about the hardest A Level subjects and some tips to survive in Sixth Form and college.

    Best Regards
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    Physics. Out of the sciences at any rate.

    Got ABB in Chem, Bio and Maths. Then an E in physics...
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    Easily Chemistry!
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    It depends on what you have an aptitude for. In terms of the hardest exam to do well in, I think languages have to be up there because you can be consistently good throughout the year but completely flop the exam for no apparent reason, and you might not even realise you did badly until your results come out. This has happened to me and other students at my school numerous times.

    EDIT: Probably not the best time to ask this question actually, OP... Lots of people are going to be biased according to their results yesterday. If you got a bad result in one subject, evidently that one's going to be the hardest subject ever at A-level!
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    I'm going to sound really cliche here but it depends on person to person as to how their minds work. Also at the end of the day if you work hard enough, everything should be fairly accessible!
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    Critical Thinking by a country mile. It's incredibly hard to motivate yourself to give a tiny rat's arse about it, and as a result most people in my year ended up making a pig's ear of it.

    Oh, special mentions go to the EPQ (which was so hard to care about most people ended up not finishing it) and General Studies (hard to take yourself seriously when you do it).
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    Chemistry. It's literally a bit of everything. And the amount of stuff you have to learn is insane.

    I did all three sciences at AS, and actually did worse in Physics but I put that down to not taking Maths.
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    Physics by a country mile.
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    Definitely French, German, English Literature or General Studies.

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    Chemistry without a doubt. There's so much to learn, and it isn't exactly conceptually easy. I found physics easier just because there was so much less content to crawl through, but I think it also helped that I was interested in physics more. I think if you're interested in a subject you'll want to work harder, therefore you'll do better. But of course the problem is we don't know what subjects you'd find tricky OP because everyone is different and responds differently to some courses.

    But in my opinion, chemistry followed by English.
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    IMO It would have to be Music without a doubt.
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    English Literature and the languages
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    I'd say English Lit and Maths. Chemistry's also insanely difficult from what I've heard. I could hardly handle GCSE :lol:. Maths and English could either be the easiest or most difficult subjects depending on whether you have an aptitude for them or not. Those who do, find them piss easy, and those who don't find them an absolute nightmare.
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    Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.....

    Take you pick, but mine would be Further Maths

    Negative rep? What part of what I wrote is wrong?
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    Mine would be Further Maths.
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    (Original post by hemant1)
    IMO It would have to be Music without a doubt.
    Would have to agree Music is harder then the sciences


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