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My top 30 revision tips! (Free eBook PDF)

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    Mate, i actually love you for that. *saves*
    Finaly, revision tips i can follow!
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    Giving it a bump!
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    Nice guide man
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    Very true
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    Wow thanks very much it shows you put effort into this. appreciated.
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    thanks! it's useful
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    This is very good! Thankyouuu
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    These are very good tips. I actually read these tips before I did my mocks.. didn't follow all of them however...

    But I learnt a lot about planning from my mocks. Didn't get the marks I wanted though..

    I WILL for the actual exams though !

    I didn't do any past papers though.. perhaps there needs to be more emphasis on those?
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    great idea , the british bloke. thank you. i've had a read through and they're actually quite helpful thanks!
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    I liked it, I'll be using it to remind myself of things I should be doing.

    Although, a bit of constructive criticism:

    If you are going to talk about the nutritional value of food and it's effect on the brain, could you perhaps reference some studies backing up what you have said?

    Why are fish, nuts, veg and fruits the best brain foods? Whats the difference in energy release between a bowl of cereal and the white bread used with a bacon sandwhich?

    A bowl of cereal has lower nutritional value than white bread? Says who?

    A bacon sandwhich is extremely popular during exams? Did you do a 100 person survey on people with A or A*'s and see what the most common breakfast food was?

    I'm just pointing this out because I get irritated at the amount of pseudoscience when it comes to nutrition and exercise, as well as baseless comments.
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    Great round-up, thanks for posting this.

    Certain complex carbohydrates are a good idea for breakfast as they are digested slowly and can offer sustained energy release over the course of a long exam session.
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    (Original post by kraipale)
    Great round-up, thanks for posting this.

    Certain complex carbohydrates are a good idea for breakfast as they are digested slowly and can offer sustained energy release over the course of a long exam session.
    Right, but cereal is no different from white bread in that regard.

    I'm not trying to be an ******* I'm just saying that paying attention to detail would improve this E-book.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind comments
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    Figured I'd bump this up, with exam season coming up.
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    If people want your revision tips they can search for "revision tips" in the search bar. No need to keep bumping it.


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Updated: April 13, 2012
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