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Archaeology, Primtech and Freshers

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    Hey, I just got my letter through confirming I've got in to do Classical Archaeology and Classical Civilisation (long winded but sounds clever) at UCL.

    Only thing is they say that, right when everyone else is out making friends and settling in on Freshers week, me and the rest of the archaeology BAs are going to be freezing out some place in East Sussex doing a Bear Grylls on Primtech. I knew about it, of course, but I never thought it'ld be during Freshers, and, to be honest, I'm quite annoyed to miss the staple University induction. So I'm asking any current archaeologists here: Is Primtech worth it for missing the fair? The letter says "no one feels they've missed out" and I'm well aware they'll be plenty of time for pub crawls and that after - but it's freshers, you know?
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    Well you don't really have a choice to be fair

    I am quite annoyed about missing the fresher's fayre to be honest since it means you can't check all the societies out when they're in the same place and stuff, I would've thought they could at least have given us the Thursday oh well. It's only the last 4 days so we still have from the Saturday when we arrive until the Thursday morning which is quite a lot, I guess we just have to suck it up and deal with it. Plus the 'fresher's fiesta' I saw on facebook and the official Fresher's ball we are there for so the big events aren't missed.

    I share your sentiments but hopefully if nobody feels they've missed out before and if primtech is as awesome as everybody says then it'll be worth it!
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    Hey guys, Im a second year aat UCL and will actually be on Primtech with you, and literally I was so bummed about missing freshers fayre and a few freshers evens for Primtech.

    But literally the time you spend on Primtech is like arch freshers and to me was a vital part in becoming a part of the IoA, you get to know the other archaeologists so much more than you would at freshers parties and things, plus like has been said you dont miss out the big events. Technically freshers runs 2 weeks and you only miss the second half of the first, also we tend to organise people to pick up flyers and information from freshers fayre for you guys.

    So like all in all, it isnt worht missing out the Bear Grylls freezing bonding experience, we have things like pub quiz, bon fire and things organised for it and plus free booze and food, its a great time x


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