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Fast Stream 2012

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Could 16-year-olds have swung the referendum the other way? 23-06-2016
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    I haven't checked here for ages but I am still waiting for results. I've been madly busy with dissertation, work, and interviewing for a couple of other graduate things so the wait has largely gone unnoticed for me! Thought I'd check in this week as I remembered April being the latest we should hear, nothing yet though.
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    Re. the posts about preparation, I think you all make valid points, must just depend on yourself how much preparation is useful.
    Me personally, I wasn't nearly prepared enough, partly (as somebody said) due to things which I couldn't control. I work full time, our busiest month is December and we broke all of our records, I worked all over Christmas in order to have New Year off as we always go away with all the family (tradition). My daughter's 1st birthday was 3rd jan so I had to prepare for her 1st Christmas and birthday during this time; I had to use my 2 days off in 1st week of Jan to arrange her party and birthday, also found out this week my store where I work was being bought out. My assessment day was 2nd week in Jan, was working the day before and had to get the last train to London due to an emergency meeting with our new boss. I did try to book a weeks holiday in Jan but was told no due to it being time to catch up after our busiest period.
    Real life gets in the way. However (having had a 3 months to reflect whilst waiting for results), with hindsight I wish I'd prepared more as I now have a more clearer picture of the compentancies and how each assessment measures them, I'm confident I could do a much better job now than what I did then. But such is life; sorry to go on just wanted to point out that I definately know how hard it can be to fit things in but for me personally more preparation would have helped
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    (Original post by shellybean01)
    I am sorry you didn't get through sounds like you ha a rough time before the FSAC. It is really hard when you get heavy criticism for something you may or may not have done, I had good feedback initially for the group discussion but towards the end was seen as aggressive and possibly intimidating! I felt I was helping drive for a decision and currently work in the private sector for a big company in management and I treated it like a meeting in work which is very results driven. In hindsight I can see how the psychological assessor would have thought what she did, also I use my hands a lot and apparently I was pen wagging.. completely unaware I do it!! Noticed it again recently though and it an be misconstrued depending on who you are talking to definately. The most important part of the group exercise is working together and I think it's easy to lose sight of that when you are in there.

    So yes I agree the feedback can be very specific and not nice to read but ultimately you have to take it on board and use it for future. I am sure your report wasn't all bad, I still managed to get through even though I had specific constructive criticism. I don't think they are looking for nodding dogs I am definately not one of those, but the assessment day is making sure you have the generic competences to fit in anywhere in all government departments and succeed. I really wish you the best of luck in what you now decide to do however don't rule out applying next year, it's mentioned many times on here repeat candidates have a much higher pass rate and you now know what you need to improve on.
    Thanks, Shellybean01. It's nice to know someone else had some criticism! No offence about the "nodding dog" thing, they just summarised that on the 1st page of the fsac report, and i found it ridiculous how they went about it. As I said to them in a follow up email who cares if someone nods their head all the time. For one thing, in different cultures, a nod of the head means "no!" And as for smiling, when trying to reach an agreement when everyone has their own agenda it can be a bit difficult to smile at them, they could think i was taking the pxxx! And one other point, in the group task, there was this one guy who over-rode everyone else, and i found it difficult to get a word in edgeways, on and on he went, and when up against someone like that, it's hard to not try and put your point across, as it said in the task paper, ARGUE your own department's viewpoint. It's a weird process...in the brief paper, they ask you to recommend one option, and then they pulled me up for recommending the one option! So, what do they want? Anyway, thanks for wishing me well, but I honestly don't think i'll put myself through the whole process again, could end up with the sasme assessors for one thing and i think they mark one's cards, i.e. you don't get to start afresh...
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    Good luck to everybody still waiting to find out.

    Just in case anybody is interested. I spoke to the Fast Stream team this afternoon and was informed that a meeting was held today about the pass mark for Central Departments. Candidates waiting to hear about central departments should find out tomorrow or thursday. I asked whether there was a chance that the final results would be postponed until after Easter and was told that this is unlikely (notably they didn't rule it out). Fingers crossed for us all.
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    (Original post by ellie_flower)
    No, they have finished the reports. They only give you the reports when youve either been rejected or been accepted onto the program with the little * next to it. The second I withdrew from HoP I got my report.

    If you read your report you'll see your score so you'll know whether youve got through to HoP.
    But I can't access the report until I get through to HoP or not, no?

    Tempted to withdraw from HoP. Do you know which department you've got yet?

    And Lovers in Japan - I know, same! Like, a good month and a half ago. Just a guess
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    (Original post by Satis)
    But I can't access the report until I get through to HoP or not, no?

    Tempted to withdraw from HoP. Do you know which department you've got yet?

    And Lovers in Japan - I know, same! Like, a good month and a half ago. Just a guess
    Exactly the same as me, nope we can't see the report til HoP let us know if we're through to the FSB. I'm not withdrawing though, I figure I've waited this long...
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    (Original post by Rosaliec)
    I know tonnes of you are still waiting on results, good luck!

    To those that have heard, I went on the FSAC open day yesterday and wondered if anyone wanted to hear about it? It was quite a full and busy morning but really useful for learning more about actually what a cd fast streamer does! They even had two or three ds potentials as well as a HoP guy.

    For anyone whos got cd and hasn't decided or waiting to get their department it was really really useful!

    Good luck to everyone waiting on results xx
    Hi Rosaliec! I am very interested in hearing about the open day! I have CD but no assignment yet, probably as I am not able to submit all the documentary evidence until I head home this weekend. Would you recommend having done lots of research into your possible choices so as to be prepared? How smartly was everyone dressed?!

    I've put Energy and CC as first choice, and am pretty hopeful of having a shot at it as noone else seems enthusiastic about this option on here...!

    In fact, is anyone else going to be coming along to the open day on the 12th?

    Congrats to all who are through and best of luck to those still waiting.
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    Has anybody opted for DFID with CD, or were you all put off by their note on the preference form? I know I was!
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    You'll learn everything you need to know on the open day! I think go in with an open mind, the people there are really friendly and quite happy to tell you anything about their jobs so don't worry about preparation.
    Plus they give you fact sheets so grab them if you're interested.

    Its smart casual so some people were in suits, some with no ties and the girls in smartish dresses or skirts and a shirt. Really it's up to you but since you might meet these people in work I'd try to make a good impression.

    Also they had an assessor there when I went (poor woman got jumped on by a few irritated looking people who didn't get ds) so that's useful.

    I hope this helps
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    (Original post by ellie_flower)
    Has anybody opted for DFID with CD, or were you all put off by their note on the preference form? I know I was!
    What did the note say?!
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    Rosaliec (or anyone else who has been to an open day!), might you be able to post some of the info in the departmental fact sheets if you picked any up? It would be very much appreciated!
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    (Original post by more tea vicar?)
    What did the note say?!
    lol it was nothing menacing or anything, more that:

    DFID receives a million trillion applications and we can only offer it to about three people so essentially dont waste your time putting this as your option and choose something youre not as passionate about but might have a better chance of getting.

    I listened to this message, chose MoD (?!!!) and had a crisis panic and emailed it.

    So, just to reassure people that if you chose Inland Revenue and suddenly realise that you hate numbers, it MIGHT be possible to change it.
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    Mod is the way forward but I'm biased. I can post the fact sheets on Thursday? Or the websites for more info though I'm away at work and can't get to them till then.

    The guy from dfid was really nice....he said its competitive yeah but if you're interested and don't get it you can always go on secondment to dfid in your second or third posting. Though not if you're in health as apparently everyone in health wants to escape to dfid and never come back....
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    Thank you Rosaliec, that would be brilliant! I'm out of the country for the second open day so I won't be able to go I've heard from so many people that it was really useful, as well!
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    Faststream admin people, if you are reading this - STOP and get a bloody shift on with the results and reports!!
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    DS results are out!
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    (Original post by La Vache)
    DS results are out!
    How did you get on?

    Still no sign of CD results as of yet
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    (Original post by cha4zz)
    How did you get on?

    Still no sign of CD results as of yet
    Waiting for CD too :confused:
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    I'm through to the FSB, which I was NOT expecting! I'd already seen my report because Parity accidentally withdrew me from all the options except CD and I downloaded it before they reinstated me. I scored 17.89 which I think is lower than last year's FSB cut off but I'm not complaining! Sorry to get everyone refreshing the application page, I assumed that would mean all the results were out. Good luck to anyone still waiting and hope the torture ends soon!
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    No sign of HR either.


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