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QUB Computing & IT v HND Computing

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    I don't know whether to do a HND in computing at a cost of around £500 which would hopefully enable me to enter degree at year 2 and save around £3000 in fees or go straight for the degree and enter at year 1.
    Has anyone any experience or advice please??

    Where can you do a HND for £500?

    As far as I'm aware the fees are £2200 per year. A HND is a 2-year course. So, £4400
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    well according to serc website there is a 1 year course and the fee is listed as £576

    (Original post by mhilditch189)
    well according to serc website there is a 1 year course and the fee is listed as £576
    That appears to be the Downpatrick option.


    If you click on the grey box for that it states that the course is actually 3 years. Perhaps the £576 is the fee just for year 1 (of 3 years). I'm not sure...

    That's a part-time course which is why it's 3 years and not 2. Also, if you're part-time I *think* you won't be able to get a maintenance grant, (if you're entitled to one as a full-time student)

    It would be advisable to telephone them and ask the length of the course, if it's full/part-time and the fee, and if the fee is per year. Just in case there's any mistakes on that webpage.

    Just wondered if you discovered anything more about the course fees?
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    went to the open night there on tuesday.
    only had spaces left on 3 year part time course (2 nights per week). you do the hnc first for two years then the third year is spent doing more units to get the hnd.
    fees was 576 was first year. second and third years 432 per year.
    hell of a saving compared to what it would cost to do a degree but in three years could have degree almost done.

    she didn't know what the 1 year thing was thought it was misprint maybe! thought it was too good to be true!

    if i was to do hnd i could keep my full time job and go to the night classes.
    if i was to do degree would have to give it up, and get part time job somewhere and would end up with over 20,000 to pay back to student loans at end of 4 years.

    hard decision for me as i've got mortgage to pay!

    Just so you're aware, there's also other NI colleges which offer HNC/D courses.

    Here's a list:



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Updated: September 2, 2011
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