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Looking for maths C2 answers? Here they are! 05-05-2016
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    Damn, I've browsed through TSR to see on other students comments of London Met, and it seems this place is a complete piece of ****. I ****ed up this year, and I don't want to pay 9000 fees for uni next year, so A-level retake is a no-no, and London Met is like my only choice who have accepted me. Here's me getting 'excited' about going there, and suddenly realising that I might have ****ed up BIG TIME. So tell me, if you're a London Met student or ex-student, is it REALLY that bad as people on TSR say? Feel free to be honest with me.
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    It's ranked near the end of unis in the UK I doubt how good it can be.
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    Well I have no personal experience of the university in question. As for the opinions on London Met on TSR, they mainly come from the fact that the uni is ranked last or near last by the main university rankings tables.

    In any case, if you want some experiences from students, you can read reviews here on whatuni.com


    You can also ask in the London Met forum

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    Yeah it's bad, but it depends on your course. I heard they have good architecture courses?
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    If 'that' is world genocide , no.
    If 'that' is a little bit of genocide, yes.

    I'm completely joking - I don't know. They might rank well for some courses.
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    (Original post by Aarroonnn)
    Yeah it's bad, but it depends on your course. I heard they have good architecture courses?
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    want me to be honest? it's one of the worst universities in the country.

    I know someone who got into mathematical sciences at london met with a C grade in a level maths and a few BTECs (no distinctions).

    I sometimes think it's better to have no degree than having a degree accredited by london met
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    Its rubbish!
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    Yes. You really don't want to go there. I'd rather pay 9000 pounds to not go there.
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    Yeah its pretty bad.
    In fact you'd have to pay me the £9000 to go there.
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    Ask the people responding with 'yes' if they've ever been there.

    Look at the links in post #6.
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    I know people who have gone there, they don't even bother to arrange graduation ceremonies.

    My cousin calls her 2:1 from London Met the biggest regret of her life.
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    This guy went there

    Says it all really.
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    (Original post by matt_rf)
    Yeah its pretty bad.
    In fact you'd have to pay me the £9000 to go there.
    If you're dumb enough to pay 9K for London Met, then you're in the right place tbh.
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    lol i'd rather wait another year than go to that uni.

    or kill myself
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    Wow, i can't believe they've been allowed to charge £9,000 next year.... ew....
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    I graduated from London Met last summer and really enjoyed my time there. The course was interesting and informative; all of the lecturers and tutors were helpful and kind and everybody enjoyed the social aspects of living in London. I highly recommend it as a place to study and wish you all the best. I might even see you there, I visit it every couple of weeks on my way to the Job Centre to collect my JSA.

    I'm sorry, I have never been there really. But I would say this: £9000 a year isn't going to burn too much of a hole in your pocket. That's coming from a £30-a-week EMA student. I chose to have a Gap Year this year before all the fees nonsense happened and I'm not worried about the cost of 2012-2015, It's a lot of money, but it's manageable. Promise.

    But London Met probably isn't worth it. Take a year out, do some retakes and reapply for somewhere halfway up the tables.


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