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Does Kent Uni accept Key Skills instead of English GCSE C?

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    Anyone know?
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    They should do as it's an equivalent qualification - when you come to apply via UCAS check if you can list it in the drop-down menus and if not ring the uni and ask
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    Thanks mate.
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    Did you find out if they accept English and Maths level 2?
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    (Original post by jamescoldwall)
    Did you find out if they accept English and Maths level 2?
    They accept English Key Skills at Level 2 but I am not sure about Maths since I didn't need that. I would think that if they accepted English then they would have probably done so for Maths too.
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    I had a Key Skills Maths Level 2 and it was accepted
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    I have key skills communication at level 2 yet I have a conditional from kent saying that I need to get level 3 in communication or GCSE English grade c by results day which is impossible :mad:. I have the UCAS points they require as i am currently on a gap year, on the course webpage only says GCSE Science and maths at C or above both of which I have.

    So i think for 2012 entry you need level 3 or C in GCSE English.


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