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Which Famous People have you met

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    I met Jack Black once, aswell as Hugh Jackman. Both while staying in canada, they were very nice, smiling and waving when we walked past.
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    I met Matt Groening a few times at a music festival he put on. Elbowed him in the head a little bit the last time by mistake. He seemed really friendly.

    I met Richard Herring after his Christ on a Bike show in Birmingham. It was the first date with my now-girlfriend. I got him to sign my programme, but the girl I was there with completely clammed up when she handed hers to him and forgot how to spell her name. It's the sort of thing that somebody who has to sign a lot of things after shows could lose patience with easily but he still seemed really nice.

    Both cases were a relief because I think if they'd been dicks I'd no longer be able to enjoy their work. I avoid meeting celebrities I like usually for that reason. Also I don't want to be a nuisance.

    Oh, and I bumped into Mark Watson here in Montreal. It was funny because I'd just seen on Twitter a couple of hours before that he was heading here. There was mutual awkwardness, I wouldn't expect any less from him. I'm glad I didn't stop and talk to him properly because the Canadians and Americans I was with had no idea who he was and assumed he was a friend of mine... which would have been weird to explain.
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    (Original post by Xristina)
    I would find it extremely difficult to like Timothy spall. I know it sounds stupid, but god I hate Peter Pettigrew with a passion (more than Sirius black does )
    I think if I met him I'd probably slap him on the face and scream "How could you! How could you sell James and lily to Voldemort! You were their friend!!"
    Haha! I can understand your dilemma :p:. Although apparently he's so lovely that you forget that he's famous when you talk to him. He was in the pub on Piel Island that he visited for his barge and my aunty said he and his wife were surrounded by people (she was one of them )just having a chat for hours .
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    I've met Nick Knowles.

    He was a ****
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    I met Jack Steadman from Bombay Bicycle Club, nice guy! Also Pete Doherty was a top fella.
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    i once met Suzanne of Hollyoaks in a cinema , she seemed alright
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    Most of the people ive met have been great

    Gregg Berger is an absolute legend
    David Kaye
    Ian James Corlett
    David Wise
    Daniel Gilvenez
    Gary Chalk
    Scott mcniell

    all nice guys
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    I guess the most famous person Ive ever met was David Beckham, he used to live near my great uncle and he came and had a coffee and a cake with us, I was like 11 and he was really sound.

    Jeremy Piven gets a lot of bad press but he was friendly enough when I bugged him for a photo.

    Dominic West was awesome.
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    Rowan Atkinson is an extremely serious individual.

    Deborah Meaden is a really nice women.

    Jeremy Clarkson is less mad IRL, James and Hammond are pretty much exactly the same.

    Tony Blair looks a great deal older than he looks on TV

    David Cameron is actually quite a nice chap

    Robert Sheehan is a lad

    Martin Johnson is HUGE

    Jonny Wilkinson is also HUGE

    Bill Gates is fun to talk to...
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    Rowan Atkinson- Came across very quiet, shy and modest but lovely all the same

    Alan Rickman- an absolute gentlemen and my gosh the voice
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    Sir Bobby Robson (RIP) was an absolutely top class bloke, really friendly when I met him.
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    I met Ant and Dec and Amanda Holden outside their hotel after they'd done the Britain's Got Talent auditions. It was quite late, they'd done 2 shows but they were lovely, stopped to have pictures with everyone and sign autographs etc. David Hasselhoff though, not so much. Signed one thing and just walked off. Michael Mcintyre stopped too but I missed him
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    I've got an autograph from Stephen Merchant, who was really nice and signed everything for everyone, and I've also got photos with Darren Aronofsky (nice!) and Mila Kunis (nicer - she touched me and signed someone else's chest!)

    I had a little chat with Terry Jones from Monty Python as well, and seemed surprised I was a fan of Erik the Viking, and he was really nice to all the fans.

    Robert Llewellyn (Kryten from Red Dwarf) was great too, and was happy to talk about anything from Red Dwarf to Electric cars, and he's a top bloke.
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    (Original post by Ska_101)
    Met Russell Howard outside of his filmings for Good News and he seemed a bit arrogant as well as bing surrounded by bodyguards with tasers then when i asked for an autograph he looked annoyed and just wrote an "R" -.-
    Really? On one of his very first tours (in 2007, I think it was), I met him after a show because he was doing a signing thing. My friend and I were second in the queue and he spent a really long time talking to us and telling jokes and things.

    Maybe he's fed up of being 'famous' though and just wants to walk around without being hassled for autographs and photos?

    Anyway, I met a load of CBBC presenters on a tour of the studios when I was 10. Including the Blue Peter lot, Dick and Dom, and the guy from Raven. I had SUCH a crush on him, and he was really lovely to meet.

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    Russell Howard was friendly.

    That guy who hosts Bargain Hunt was stuck up as ****.
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    I met Marlon Harewood, footballer, his sons had swimming lessons where I work.

    My mum's met Denise Walsh(sp?) from Loose Women and apparently she's an arrogant ****.

    Met Shane Ritchie too, played football with his son!
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    I've served Mathew Horne in topman once. He was so-so, it wasn't a signing or anything and I barely recognised him at the time. He didn't say anything though as you would normally if you were to pay for something, he just threw his card on the counter to pay and then left without saying thank you.
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    Barney (the dinosaur) was absolutely lovely. Not a hint of arrogance or diva behaviour.

    He sang to me, told me he loved me, gave me a hug, gave me an activity book with a polaroid photo and even posed with me for the local papers..

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    (Original post by lukejoshjedi)
    awkward but you still saw him anyway. and he gave you that weird 'duck face' look he does right?

    He's really short actually and well... orange.
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    I met Louis Walsh in a toilet in a nightclub before. Was incredibly friendly, even offered to unzip my trousers for me at the urinal. Great guy.


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