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Which Famous People have you met

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    (Original post by Oh my Ms. Coffey)
    I have Katie Price coming to work soon, game on.
    cool , where do you work
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    cool , where do you work
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    I met Gino D'Acampo once; we had so much banter, and he's hilarious.
    Also met Dale Winton, who I asked for an autograph (I don't know why...), and he said my pen was gorgeous (it was pink, no surprises there).
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    (Original post by miss_sporty)
    john barrowman very nice
    Ruth Jones very sweet woman
    Gethin Jones is pleasant
    katherine jenkins is cool too
    (Original post by DesignFreak)
    David Tennant is the nicest man i've ever met.
    Anthony Head was lovely
    Noel Clarke was lovely also.
    Elisabeth Sladen (RIP) was so nice
    Billie Piper was just... ugh.
    Didn't even need to look at your location to guess where you two live.
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    My mum used to work for a Marine Electronics company and was at a Boat Festival, she met Timothy Spall and they had a little chat about his boat (berthed in Banff) He was lovely.
    I remember when I was 10 or something, we saw Calvin from S Club Juniors in Aberdeen airport. He just stood there texting and listening to his CD Player.
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    I served Stephen Fry a year or so back. Lovely chap! Very polite
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    (Original post by tufc)
    I've met Nick Knowles.

    He was a ****
    My Mum (according to her) used to serve him at a bar in Chester where he used to go.
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    Met Angelica Bell she's a really nice person.
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    (Original post by morematterlessartx)
    But hands down the best encounter has to be Miriam Margoyles (aka professor sprout) in a cue for the toilets at a theatre, she decided she wouldn't wait and so after chasing the men out of their bathroom ("ANY MEN IN THERE-A LADY IS ENTERING!") she asked me to "stand guard" and prevent anyone from entering the mens toilets while she used them. Very surreal and possibly one of the greatest moments of my life
    Oh my God that sounds epic!!! +1
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    I once got Chesney Hawkes's autograph in Sainsbury's. I didn't even want it, but it beat trouncing around the cat food aisle. Anyway... He was really nice and also a bit simple, I think: he spent about 10 seconds trying to yank what he thought was a lid off of the pen until I highlighted the fact it was a twisty.

    I also got a Hollyoaks actor's autograph in Superdrug. I can't remember his name, but he played an incestual rapist father. He was nice, too.
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    another mate of mine goes to a lot of the soap awards and has met a lot of the soap stars there
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    I know people who know most of the cyclists like Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. Apparently nearly all of them including Chris Hoy especially are fantastic and such nice people. Apparently Nicole Cook is stuck up though, but apart from that they are all really down to earth people, and that's coming from a really nice family.
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    (Original post by Xristina)
    I'm 23, why? Is my answer too childish for your liking?
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    i also think i once saw a Granada Reports News reporter once in a takeaway in Bolton but wasn't sure if it was them or not
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    the year after i left school, one of the players of the football team i support came to visit the school , my brother once said he saw some hollyoaks actors in a club in Standish
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    the same mate who met Clare and Sarah of Hollyoaks also said he met The Undertaker at a WWE event about 10 years ago
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    I met Linford Christie as he came to our primary school. Can't remember much of it sadly
    My mum was once in line somewhere and Princess Diana let her go in front. I was just a little baby in the pram My mum said she was very nice

    Also if anyone knows who he is but briefly met Mr.Woo the freestlye football champion. He was very cool
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    I've met the Chuckle Brothers.

    They seemed nice.
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    I met Angelina Jolie once, she was so polite and gorgeous, we talked a bit, she posed for photos....

    ... than i woke up
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    Oh and Martin Castrogiovanni is a really nice guy.


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