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Last Person To Post Here Wins (Part 22)

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Find your uni forum to get talking to other applicants, existing students and your future course-mates 27-07-2015
Competition: win a karting session for you and seven mates! 24-07-2015
  1. Offline

    Part 22 of the epic 'Last person to post here wins' thread! :woo:

    Top 5 posters in the previous thread were:

    cz100 896
    futuredoc77 813
    xEndeavors Paul McCartney 720
    hollywoodbudgie 686
    Seham 675

    Hopefully this thread will move a little bit faster than the last one You guys should know the rules by now, so let's get started :whip:

    :party: :party: :party: :party: :party:

    Just pretend the OP is more interesting :ninja:
  2. Offline

  3. Offline

    Awww I like how your mexican wave nearly works Endeavours
  4. Offline

    about time, and that font is too big.

    knew you'd cock it up. :pierre:
  5. Offline

  6. Offline

    (Original post by Crazy Paving)
    about time, and that font is too big.

    knew you'd cock it up. :pierre:
    Deal with it :pierre:
  7. Offline

    ...what happened to pogo?
  8. Offline

    (Original post by perrytheplatypus)
    ...what happened to pogo?
    Wha? What do you mean?
  9. Offline

    (Original post by laut_biru)
    Wha? What do you mean?
    I thought he was going to start this thread...

    Didn't the guy even think to call a mod when we reached 10000 posts, he would've had it in the bag :unimpressed:
  10. Offline

    And the second most pointless thread in the world begins once more :ahee:

    Bring it on! :gangster:
  11. Offline



    I log into TSR and the thread's already been won!??! :rant: :rant: :rant:


    No hard feelings congratulations to the winner
  12. Offline

    Did xEndeavors get last post?!?! :gah: :teeth:
  13. Offline

  14. Offline

    (Original post by PoGo HoPz)
    Did xEndeavors get last post?!?! :gah: :teeth:
    Yeah! :nutcase:
  15. Offline

    I was soooooo close btw, cz could've closed the thread when she first logged in lol, then I would have won :giggle:
  16. Offline

    how long did that one take to win?
  17. Offline

    I missed the ending of the thread :emo:
  18. Offline

    Ah, you found your way here did you?
  19. Offline

    Yeah, I just looked at your recent posts
  20. Offline

    .. and why was stalking me easier than reading down G&C?

    I feel all violated now
Updated: January 31, 2013
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