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What did you do for your 18th birthday?

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    (Original post by S_123)
    My 18th birthday is coming up in October and I want to do something but I have no idea what! I want to invite about 40+ of my friends but I don't know what to do. So I want to know what other people did for their 18ths and see if I can get any ideas If you have any suggestions, please tell!

    So, what did you do for your 18th?

    Edit: I'd just like to add that my friends are all relatively sensible and all girls (I go to an all girls school) so I don't know if a house party would be boring?
    I was wondering this too! I'm 18 this month and I really have no idea what to do. All my friends are 16/17 because I moved from the English System to the Scottish system and I'm like a year older than everyone. A lot of places where I live refuse to hold 18th birthdays because of underage drinking. Can't do anything in my house because we are having work done.

    Suggestions would be great!

    I have a few friends moving to where I am for uni and they'll be 18 so there's a possibility I could go out with them but I don't know what to do otherwise with my other friends.
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    I turned 18 a few days ago and I had some friends round for a movie night with pizza and cupcakes (yum!), it was pretty fun!
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    Dunno im not 18 until a year and 8 months to be exact, but ill prob be out with my mates new or old i have gained from now to then
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    House party definitely doesn't sound as bad as my bday. Rainy Monday night in December. Made to go to a compulsary Decision maths workshop...sad times...slept through it....then hit the town p.s. got exactly same mark in the resit so don't do what I did on you're 18th x
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    For my 18th, me and about 6 friends from 6th form decided to go clubbing but it was a pretty tragic night. We weren't fully clued up on door policy etc, so not everyone got in (one in the party even tried to use his 6th form key card as ID!). We ended up going back to my mates free house and the night descended into JD infused mayhem.
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    nothing as of yet... it's tomorow! woo. But im going out clubbing definately
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    Not a lot, went for a meal with parents. I don't have friends..
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    Not a clubbing person, so I just went out for a meal with the 'rents.
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    I went to a pub. It was off the chain. I think it's to do with the type of school I went to, but everyone I know goes all out (venue rental, bar tab, decorations). We drank inside the car on the way in and back and then went out on the town.

    For ideas you could have a party out in the woods or at the beach or something like that. Just load up a few cars with beer and friends, take a bit of firewood and go hog wild in some forgotten corner of the green belt. Bring a tent or two for those of you who want to drink and drive home after it's worn off. Done this a few times with mates and it's definitely a good laugh and definitely cheap.
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    I really second the beach idea. I assume the weather is half decent? Loads of drink, materials for fire+ maybe a portable barbeque for sausages or something and some tunes and it would be a great laugh. Alternatively maybe a lake beach if the coast is too far away. It would definitely be out of the ordinary and be a great laugh.

    If both of these are out of the question, just have a barbeque. People love outdoor drinking sessions.

    When I turned 18 barely any of my friends were, only 1. So went out for chinese meal and then 2 of bought all the drink and went back to mine, was good.
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    Just in the interest of balance really. It was a very difficult time for me - mum and dad hadn't been dead for long and I had only just moved back into my family house after a really horrible time living with GParents. I had a small party, doing all the work myself because at that stage I was basically skint, but enjoyed myself nevertheless. It was the first time I had felt that the very worst was over!
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    In the morning I went out with 3 of my best friends (2 of them are cousins of each other) to this cake shop in town. Then in the evening 3 of us went to this house party that my neighbours were throwing - 1 of my friends went home because she's not into that sort of thing and she doesn't drink alcohol due to her religion (though her cousin does). It was nothing that special
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    Me and my friend did a joint thing and we were going to TGI's with about 40 people (lol), when we got there they'd double booked our tables so there was only enough space for 30.. So me and my friends went to KFC (even bigger LOL). Then 2 of my friends had an argument, one got lost, one was sick and went home.. So I thought, eff this, and went to a club by myself.
    Then, my sister and brother picked me up and we went and had ice cream and played basketball in some park at 4am.
    It was fun.
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    Hired an island. Flew all my mates there in the private jet for three weeks of naked bacchanalia with dozens of beautiful maidens.

    I wish.
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    For mine about 20 of is went on a pirate themed pub crawl from college to my house (it was a Friday Night) and it took us about 9 hours to cover the 11 miles between the college in Barnstaple and my house (in rural Devon). We also had a pool which we all chipped in (worth about £100 in total) as to who could 'plunder' the most which resulted in some interesting items (placemats, pint glasses, bars of soap and a brush used to clean toilets) it was such a good 18th
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    I didnt do much for my 18th (i wanted to do more for my 21st) I just went out for a meal at a posh restaurant with family.
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    Well my birthday is on 28th December, thus meaning everyone is celebrating xmas. My dad's side are all islamic meaning they don't celebrate. However there's alot on my mum's side and up until my 16th they all come round on my birthday, however to celebrate xmas and hand out all the presents, rather than celebrate my birthday. Also due to people spending so much on presents for xmas, i didn't get any presents(accept from immediate family) for my birthday.
    On my 16th i went out to cinema then a restaurant with family. On my 17th i went out with a couple of friends for chinese and bowling.
    However, due to it being so close to xmas, i'm not sure many people will be able to attend my 18th. Also i'm 18 before nearly all my mates meaning i can't go clubbing. I'm probably gonna book alton towers tickets for two days, book some hotel rooms for a night, then i can buy aload of alcohol and anyone that's 17 can still drink!!
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    paris for 5 days! the best.
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    I wasn't planning to do anything because I didn't really have any friends my own age, but I was a member of a local aikido club and my sensei (coach) took it upon himself to throw a party for me and invited the rest of the club. To this day it remains one of the most touching things a person has done for me, so it'll stay a special memory.


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