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Anglo Works Sheffield.

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    For those of you who are first years and are excitedly looking up all the information you can about your newly appointed accommodation; I pity you if you have been allocated Anglo Works.

    Do not expect to have anything fixed maintenance wise untill a week later. And apparently it's acceptable to not have hot water or heating for 7 weeks with no discount on that period of time even though we weren't getting what we paid for, the internet has a terrible connection as far as I know (this may have changed now) but whilst i was there you were very lucky if you got a connection and I regularly had to go to the library to use the internet there - disgusting as I was still paying for this internet.

    Also on their website they state you get sky tv and you get notice boards etc; this is all LIES. There is no sky tv, not even freeview.. there is a tv, that gets no connection unless you bring your own freeview box from home. They say that they will supply you with notice boards to prevent using blu tac etc, but seeing as there are no notice boards they said it was okay to use white tac but then they charge you an extortionate rate for using and form of tac.

    Another problem I've had whilst staying there is that they lack communication skills. If you have a problem that they dont want to deal with they ignore your emails. If you then go to ring them they tell you that all communication must be through email. So how are you supposed to progress anywhere with them ignoring you? Frequently we had them say that they knew nothing about emails we'd sent them, however, I still have the emails in my sent box so they are very much liars.

    There is also a problem with the resetting of fire alarms. As the majority of students in your block will be freshers expect a lot of fire alarms to go off; especially in the first week, also expect the person who has to come and turn them off not to get there for atleast an hour so bring a blanket out with you cuz it gets pretty cold standing outside in the middle of the night!

    They are also money grabbers. We were issued with a fire alarm charge as they could not find out who had set an alarm off; although it was only £2.87 it is the principle behind it. Myself and a friend went directly to the Home Accommodation offices to pay this charge and gave our flat number and room number and names and were told the system would be updated. Now that we have finally had our deposit returned (another thing I shall moan about after) we found that the charge had been taken AGAIN and we cannot get this back because they did not issue us with a receipt. Its disgusting because they have made near on £6 profit just from myself and my friend. Let alone all the other tenants that probably paid. So when you get this and pay in make sure you ask for a receipt!!!

    The cleanliness of the flat when I first moved in was disgraceful! I was the first person to move into the flat and found that the cleaners had done nothing at all! There was grease EVERYWHERE and the place smelt dirty! Myself and my mother spent the best part of a day making the place hygenic to live in! Its disgraceful and when I mentioned this to the people helping on the move in dates all they said was 'sorry but the cleaners have done a progressively worse job going up the building and we only checked the bottom floor'. What a great way to start your tenancy!

    Safety in the building is questionable! On more than one occasion I found my flat had been invaded with intruders. The locks on both the outside door and flat doors are simple enough to unlock with a simple bank card or even your student card! Anyone can get in, so we found out when they came into our flat and stole things and banged on our doors and threatened us with our own fire exstinguisher! All Home Accommodation could say was that we should call the police if this happens again - they advertise safe housing; clearly this is not the case.

    Finally, once your tenancy agreement has thankfully come to an end, expect very little of your deposit to be returned and don't expect it to be returned very quickly; it will be near on 2 months before you get anything! Which is shameful when the majority of deposits are returned within 2 weeks!

    If you have been allocated Anglo Works I would suggest you try to find somewhere else to live! If you are stuck there then i'm sorry I didnt post this sooner! But a word of advice. Make sure you get receipts for EVERYTHING and keep all emails or forms of communication logged so you have fire power against them should you need it (which i'm fairly positive you will) other then that make sure you enjoy your first year!!
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    A year later, and things are still exactly the same! Wish I had seen this before we moved in this year. The fact that things haven't changed only proves that they ignore you when problems are raised. They don't want to hear how rubbish they are, or that they are in the wrong, so they ignore you, don't reply to emails, return calls, and it is awfully convenient how the person that you need to talk to is never in, even at the times they tell you to call back! Doesn't look like anything will improve in terms of the running of this accommodation any time soon. The only thing that I can add to this is that the fire regulations have been changed. Now you will only know about a fire in the building if its is in your flat, or until you see flames! they have disabled the alarms so it is now a guessing game to see if you are in danger or not. If the flat next door is on fire, "it is safe to remain in your flat!" but not that you'd know there was a fire anywhere anyway!


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