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Your uni laptop...

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    (Original post by jameswhughes)
    HP Compaq nc6230, it's from 2006
    2006 WOW! is it still going strong??
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    (Original post by thePhantom)
    2006 WOW! is it still going strong??
    Not really... well it's ok on the Ubuntu side, but the Windows XP part is painfully slow. I only really use Firefox, and it manages that alright.
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    For uni I have a Samsung 10" N210 Plus. I have a Dell laptop too but never take it to uni with me, the netbook weighs almost nothing and the battery lasts for like 9 hours so I prefer that.
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    Dell XPS 15.
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    (Original post by jameswhughes)
    Not really... well it's ok on the Ubuntu side, but the Windows XP part is painfully slow. I only really use Firefox, and it manages that alright.
    You must've taken good care of it. Give me a shout if you need tips on a new laptop, or check my sig!
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    Samsung S3520
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    Advent something something :dontknow: I bought it the day my first ever loan instalment came in.

    It's gone pretty slow now to be honest so I use the PC mostly which is a new HP something something :holmes:
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    Made my own PC :sexface:
    Heres the case:
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    2011 macbook pro i7

    it'll last you throughout uni and then some.
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    (Original post by thePhantom)
    You must've taken good care of it. Give me a shout if you need tips on a new laptop, or check my sig!
    Ah, cool. What would you say was good at the moment regarding new laptops?
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    A HP G56

    I love it, it's pretty perfect for me and was a good price- only thing I'd change is add a card reader. But I don't know if buying a HP is good now, and soo you won't be able to... whether there will still be good support options if something goes wrong? I don't really know how their changes actually affect that part of the company. My parents got mine from John Lewis though (was a gift) so they should give any support I may need.

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    Toshiba Satellite Pro for uni (part of my DSA)

    Samsung R510 for home (had it about 3-4 years, had to buy a new battery in Jan and now I've had to get a new charger)
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    HP G61-110 sa, with a few keys missing
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    19" Samsung R780, about a year old probably the only person here with one
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    i got a toshiba satalite pro C650 free from my uni, so i use that [=

    (Original post by yahyahyahs)
    It's gonna be an eBay bought 2010 MacBook Pro.

    Is it weird to take a printer to uni? I'm taking one for when I run out of my measly amount of printer credits.
    iv just looked online and i got a printer off amazon, and then get compatible inks which are much much cheaper than real things and work just as well. iv used my printer alot whilst at uni, due to not only printing essays, but each year i have to produce a placement file, which involves lots of printing. so for me its cheaper to get my own printer than use the uni...
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    (Original post by Seble)
    Oh my cousin is taking her G4 powerbook too!
    I'm not talking about a powerbook :sexface:

    I'm talking about this:

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    Lenovo X200s - Exactly like this

    Possibliy the most stable, nimbliest, long battery, solid, well built WINDOWS laptop ive seen/had (except them rugged builder type ones). Weighs literally a netbook.
    Quality internal bits also, no bluescreens, crashs, hangs, and boots up fast. 12" screen but has a massive 1280x800 (bit like an iPhone 4 retina display)

    Its got a spill proof mechanism when u spill ur drink, it filters past the main bits n leaks out the bottom.

    If you're looking for a future proof laptop, Lenovo Thinkpads are the way forward
  18. Offline

    (Original post by Tortious)

    The width of the screen is ideal for browsing TSR - the posts fill the "square" part and then the extra width is just enough for the widgets.
    Have you had any experience with the Satellite L755?
  19. Offline

    (Original post by Gofre)
    2010 MacBook Pro.

    EDIT: I love how somebody hates macs so much they're negging people just for having them [=
    I love how somebody loves macs so much they're repping people just for having them [=
  20. Offline

    Alienware m11x R2


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