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After telling someone the degree you study, what is their response?

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    "So, can you read my mind?" Just no.


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    - Computer & Video Game

    - So.. You going to be making a new FIFA/CoD?

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    (Original post by Jon of the North)
    ''I study War Studies''

    ''Wall Studies?''

    ''No, War Studies''

    ''Water Studies?''

    ''War Studies...'

    ''Warm Studies, what the hell is th..'''


    ''Oh, I suppose that sounds interesting''
    ROFL!!!! Omg, absolutely died!!!!!!
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    Me: I'm studying Computer Networks and Security
    Them: Oh, I'll come to you when I have internet issues then!
    Me: Sure you will, you and the other endless list of people that have given that identical response.

    Just saying, we're not fixing your home connection. However, I will attempt to fix networking/security issues in your company for a reasonable price!
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    I was sitting next to an old lady on the tube and to start the conversation she commented on how nice my sixth form uniform was.
    When she asked and I proceeded to tell her that I wanted to study engineering, she gasped, grabbed my arm, looked into my eyes with a big grin and said "Yes!"

    Probably the best response I've ever had.
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    Haven't even started yet (Popular Music BA) and I've already had

    'How can you get a degree in Music?'
    'What's the point in that?'
    'But music isnt even a real subject?'

    It's cool though, nothing I havent been subjected to since choosing Standard Grade Music in S3...


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