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After telling someone the degree you study, what is their response?

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    Does anybody else get a 'typical' response?

    I study psychology and almost laugh to myself before mentioning this, simply because I know full well that they will respond by saying something along the lines of; "Oooh, don't figure me out!", "better watch what I say around you then, eh!". Makes me feel like a right manipulative cow!

    Anyone else have similar retorts?

    When I tell people I do Geology I get one of these:

    1. "Isn't that the study of rocks ? What can you do with that"?
    2. "Oh, like what Ross does on Friends"?
    3. "...Geology Rocks"!
    4. "Oh! Oh! I know about Geology! Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic"!

    The only difference between you and me is I don't find it funny when I hear it because i've heard it all so many times i've lost count. What's worse is there's not good replies to them.

    1. Well quite a lot actually, since the study of rocks is the study of earth resources I can get into the oil industry, groundwater industry or even the mineral exploitation industry which....(by this point they just have a blank expression on their face and no longer care).

    2. Not really, Ross specializes in palaentology (at which point they interupt with "Oh like Dinosaurs"?!). Then I have to reply with "Well, we don't really do much on dinosaurs, it's more microfossils like trilobites, graptolites and bivalves, or studying the past climate in order to create models so that....(by this point, they have lost interest).

    3. ....Did it ever occur to you that i'd have heard that joke loads of times before so won't find it funny now ?

    4. There's more to it than that, but I really can't be bothered to explain it.

    Annoyingly I can no longer just use the "it's the study of earthquakes, volcanoes, fossils and oil" excuse as when I start the masters in engineering geology it's not something that can be summed up in a single sentence.
    So far all I have prepared is "..It's basically just like Civil Engineering", and if they don't know what that is, i'll just point them to the nearest Google search engine.

    I haven't started my degree yet, but when i tell people that I'm going to do Radiography their expression is usually "radio-what now" 0_o?


    'What the hell is that?'

    I always get "ooh REALLY? I've heard that's a lot of work"

    ... kinda makes it awkward past that point, what can you say other than "yeeahhh"

    You must be good at fixing cars.

    "Pfftt, Biology's not a science."

    "Oh, that sounds interesting. So, would it be right if ... insert moral dilemma here ... ?"

    I study Philosophy.

    'So how is that going to help you into Politics?!'

    eyebrows go up *Fwwahh, that sounds tricky* luckily there aren't a whole load of jokes that can be made, thank god.

    I have been known to make up degrees to try and mess with this response. Neuropharmacological Studies with Portrait Photography is always a good one for responses. Especially when i tell them that the photography is an important diagnostic method for neuro

    I did physics, and when it was revealed it often got a sort of "impressed" response, which I think shows how misunderstood it is by many.

    Whenever I tell anyone I study economics, they either comment on how they couldn't do it because of the maths, or make some remark about making lots of money or being the cause of the credit criss.

    I think the best reply I got after saying I was going to do pharmacy was...

    "What? You're going to work on a farm?!"

    I haven't started it yet (I start this month) but here's what I get for Psychology;
    - "Ah can you give me free treatment cause I'm a little crazy"
    - "Does this mean you'll be able to read my mind/ doesn't that teach you how to read minds ?"
    - "That's not even a science/ it's a mickey mouse course?"
    - They tell me all their problems like I care and/or I have the answers.

    and for some positives;
    - "Me too!"
    - "That sounds interesting"

    "you don't look like a geek"
    I study computer science and get this a lot.

    "Wow, that sounds complicated"
    I'm doing International Relations and Global Issues

    Edit: Okey honestly, what's up with the neg? Do people think I implied something? I don't believe I impied anything. All I did was to straightforwardly anser the question. What am I supposed to do? "It seems complicated" is their usual response and even though I don't find my subject any more complicated than other subjects, and the fact that they might not be the sharpest knives in the box, it's still their response - for what this thread is intended.

    "0_0. That sounds... interesting."

    I mostly know/meet people who do humanities...:eyebrow:

    "I'll vote for you!" :rolleyes:

    Well I am studying sociology, so I am sure you can imagine I tend to get responses such as;

    Oh through clearing?... Shame

    Does that even count as a degree?

    You will end up nowhere!

    etc... etc...
    I just laugh it off now and say something along the lines of;
    I don't come into your line of work and tell you how to suck .... so don't try tell me how to go about my career!

    Me: Social Policy
    Them: Whats that?


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