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What Careers can I do with Chemistry, Psychology, Maths and Economics A level?

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    What careers/Degrees can I do with Chemistry, Psychology, Maths and Economics?
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    Retail shop is your only option since you only have GCSEs atm.

    If you complete them to AAAA standard you could do a medicine degree or a economics degree then you choose career.
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    Chemistry teacher, Maths teacher, Economics teacher, A psyco teacher
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    You have a lot of choice. You can even go into medicine/biology without biology a level as chemistry is the only "required" a level for that.

    Economics at uni requires maths, which you've got!

    With those a levels at A/B grades you would also be an excellent candidate for psychology degree, since you need to be able to both write essays and do stats!
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    You can do everything (grades permitting) EXCEPT Engineering (but you may be able to do Chemical Engineering at some unis), Physics, English, History (you may still be able to do History at some unis) and Biology (you will still be able to do it at some unis).
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    I'm doing almost all those subjects you've chosen - Maths, Economics, Chemistry and History
    I'm planning on doing an Economics degree...hopefully!
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    (Original post by gogo122)
    What careers/Degrees can I do with Chemistry, Psychology, Maths and Economics?
    My subjects are very similar, Maths, chemistry, physics and economics. You could do finance/medicine and a whole lot of others


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Updated: September 3, 2011
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