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Who's your favourite Comedian?

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    Adam Hills or Stewart Francis
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    Tim minchin
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    Dara O'Briain. Hands down.
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    Lee Evans without a doubt!
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    but seriously, i'd probably say michael mcintyre, he cracks me up. 'the man drawer'!
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    Mitch Hedberg. Other favourites include; Michael McIntyre, Kevin Bridges, John Bishop and Dara O'Briain.
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    Dara O'Briain mostly as I love how he just takes the piss out the crowd so much, yeh he has some material rehearsed but he does a lot of stuff just on the spot. I do like Russell Howard and Rod Gilbert rather a lot as well though.
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    Ed Byrne, Michael McIntyre and the ever brilliant Russell Howard.

    "Does my vampiric countenance not chill you to your bones?"
    "F***in' no."

    "I can't believe it's November, I can't believe it's November! Can you believe that it's November?"

    "Ere, don't feed the pigeons."
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    Stewart Lee.
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    Louis C.K, Ricky Gervais, George Carlin, Robin Williams, Richard Pryor.........and Bill Hicks
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    dara o'briain and dave chappelle!
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    nadia butt
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    Stand-ups: Bill Hicks or George Carlin.

    Purely for delivery: Jon Stewart.

    Film: Marx Brothers or Woody Allen.
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    (Original post by Gawge)
    Stewart Lee.
    Nobody else comes close
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    Frankie Boyle, Kevin Bridges and Sean Lock

    Used to like Jason Manford and John Bishop but they all end up the been ruined by their popularity. Don't know why just become too confident.

    Same with Russell Howard
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    (Original post by Pheylan)
    Nobody else comes close
    Your profile picture reminded me that Larry David isn't bad either
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    For a nice laugh-out-loud comedian I would pick Lee Evans any day of the week.

    For a thought-provoking one I'll choose Bill Hicks.

    For someone who speaks nothing but the truth, George Carlin.

    My three favourites by quite a way.
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    Louis CK.

    The guy is just ****ing hilarious.
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    Based on panel shows: Chris Addison, Jack Whitehall, Greg Davies, Humphrey Ker

    Based on stand-up: Peter Kay, Lee Evans, Lee Mack, Rhod Gilbert, Russell Howard

    Going to see Jack Whitehall and Andy Parsons at the Engine Shed in Lincoln over the next few months (I go to the uni). Saw Stewart Francis there last year and he was great.
  20. Online

    Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell are both hilarious

    However Reginald D. Hunter is literally out of this world.....complete legend


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