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St George's + Tooting

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    Hey I was wondering what the area surrounding St George's is like? I'll have a proper look if I receive an offer but It would be helpful if some undergrads could share their experiences of the accommodation, bars and clubs and just generally what it's like to live in Tooting.I currently live in a rural area that is very safe and friendly. (Most people feel comfortable travelling on their own late at night, and I don't think there has been a serious crime committed for years! ) I'd like to know how other people have found the transition.

    The first thing that pops up after a google search is:


    I really like the look of the medical school itself and the course looks great! But these video's don't represent the area in a very positive light so I was just wondering if anyone could offer any reassurance .
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    I go to school in tooting. It's a safe area because of the main road that is always very. Thats another thing, tooting is very busy and has a ALOT of asians (I'm asian so i'm not being racist). I don't know much about bars and clubs. Theres like 2 bars and don't know about clubs. It's got some good restaurants, a lot of them being Pakistani. Although there is Nando's and Roosters mmmmmm. It's all in all just your usual suburb with a lot of shops.
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    I studied at George's and have to say I didn't head out in tooting too much, but I don't think it is a particularly bad place. It's London, and as such there will be *****, good people and a whole lot inbetween. The university itself is tucked away in the hospital out of the way of the main highstreet, and you realistically would never need to go there if you didn't want to. The halls of residence again are a fair bit away, and the walk to uni doesn't take in the highstreet. There are some excellent restaurants of mainly an Indian flavour, but for clubbing type activities you will want to head elsewhere. I wouldn't let the area put you off studying there anyway - it is safe enough. If you go looking for trouble I'm sure you would find it, but name me anywhere in London where that isn't that case!


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