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    Bench 50x12x12x8
    Chins x5x5x3
    BB shrugs - 70x10x10x10 need to look at form
    DB floor press 17.5x10x10x8
    Alt DB curl 15x10x10x10
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    Finally getting back on it - no more messing about, solid work for a good 2 months now
    Squat 100x5x5x5
    45 degree Hypers - +30 x5x5x5x5
    BB bench 75x4x3
    DB side bend 30 x5x5x5
    Imma start going when it's less busy so i can actually get what i need to do done, get some gains back up to where i was then jump on creatine and hopefully push past previous maxes
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    bench 50x15
    Floor Press 22.5x7775
    Curl 15x8 17.5x777
    Chins 554
    Shrugs - not keen, can't really get them to isolate the shoulders, may change it up
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    Squat 105 3x5
    Hypers +32.5 x8x8x5
    SLDL 80 x5x5 - need to work on form
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    Shocker, my cuff was ****ed up again, this is so aanoying!
    DB bench 25x7775
    Bench was struggling with 60, god damn my shoulder
    Bent over cable fly
    Db side bend 27.5 x10 10 7
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    Dead from 15plate (about 2 inches)
    Hypers +35x7x7x5
    Leg press

    Due to my being injured and the complete lack of progress over the last 4/5 weeks imma go on a cut and get some bodyweight down... - may follow bish's plan, no way i could stick to that iet but ill reduce carbs, keep protein the same and see what happens.
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    (Original post by fireph)
    Due to my being injured and the complete lack of progress over the last 4/5 weeks imma go on a cut and get some bodyweight down... -
    What is your bodyweight atm then? adn what are you aiming for?
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    I'm not really sure what it is, as i haven't got any reliable scales, id guess around 195lbs. I dont really have a goal except to lose as much fat as possible and as little muscle while resting my shoulder and hopefully getting it sorted for good.
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    Dead 160x1 140x5 x5 x5
    Some other ****
    HIIT for 20 mins
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    squat 100x5 110x5 100x5 100x5
    Dead 140x3 170x1 140x3 100x5 100x5
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    Couple days ago... pulled 180, very messy

    today squat 100x5 105x5 105x5 105x3

    Dead 140x5 150x5 150x5 150x3
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    Bench - just tested by shoulder quickly, seems to be healing

    Dead 140x3 150x5 130 x5 160x3 130x5 110x5

    Some curls
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    Poor session today

    Dead 170 x1 170x1 - i was going to go for 185, a new PB but this was too hard
    Some pressing
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    **** me im in trouble - so deconditioned from not training and also lost a fair bit of weight recently

    Bug deload, SS until i get my lifts back up to something reasonable
    Long term i dont expect any real improvements now exam season is approaching
    In the summer ill be working but theres a sick gym nearby - expect big summer gains

    Squat 90x5x5x5
    Bench 65 x5x5x5
    OHP 35x5x5x4x4
    Some assisted chins
    Shoulder press machine
    Some trap bar deadlifts (never done this before)
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    Bech 70x5x5x5
    OHP 40x5x5x5
    Squat 95 x5x5x5
    Some chins
    Some light face pulls
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    Squat 100 x5x5x5
    OHP 45x5x4x2x3
    Bench kept it reasonable 60x5x5
    Some curls
    Some upper back work
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    Squat 105 x5x5x5
    Dead 140x5 x3
    Row 60x5 70x5 x5
    Some chins and ****

    I can feel my conditioning coming back
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    squat 110 x5 x4 x5 tough
    OHP 45x3x3x3 shoulder felt a bit weird
    some chins and dips
    seated cable row
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    Dead 145 x5 x3
    Bench - having real trouble with this, 75x5 help from spotter on most reps, 70x4 70x3
    OHP 40x5
    Some assisted chins - think i may stick at these, as i cant do wide grip without assistance, and i think it may help my back
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    Squat 115 x3x3x3x3 heavy
    Row 60x5x5x5 - i can't do this properly, gonna look for a different back exercise
    Some chins
    Some face pulls


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