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America's Next Top Model

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    Argh Not on YouTube yet.. The person whos I usually watch has had there account suspended! Nooo!
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    Just found who went off wiki... shall spoiler it, don't know any other deatils though (Cycle 8 btw):

    Bottom two: Diana Zalewski & Whitney Cunningham
    Eliminated: Diana Zalewski

    EDIT: You can see the man pics if you go on the official site

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    Why not on youtube yet?
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    Resist the urge!! I'm too weak, but save yourself!!

    NXRD got into some trouble (again) i think, but i hope they appear at some point!!

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    Fingers crossed!
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    We could always wait a few months till it appears on Living!... Actually, don't think i could last that long!

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    Argh i just clicked the spoiler..........i hate you fingers.
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    I don't have Living, it's this or nothing!
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    (Original post by Clarence)
    Argh i just clicked the spoiler..........i hate you fingers.
    lol :hugs:... i'll try to stop myself from finding out early next week!! Also was off Wiki, so may not be true... though it prob is!!

    (Original post by supercat)
    I don't have Living, it's this or nothing!
    :eek:! Poor you!!

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    Right, from having a look round, can't find the next epsiode ANYWHERE! So just incase i've went and got all the pics for you here (instead of looking around on the site)

    Bit random, not as i thought they would turn out!

    Attached Thumbnails
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Brittany.jpg 
Views:	50 
Size:	160.1 KB 
ID:	37634   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Diana.jpg 
Views:	42 
Size:	190.2 KB 
ID:	37635   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dionne.jpg 
Views:	39 
Size:	190.4 KB 
ID:	37636   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jael.jpg 
Views:	49 
Size:	269.0 KB 
ID:	37637   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jaslene.jpg 
Views:	36 
Size:	239.4 KB 
ID:	37638  
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    Rest of the pics...

    Attached Thumbnails
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Natasha.jpg 
Views:	52 
Size:	218.2 KB 
ID:	37639   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Renee.jpg 
Views:	49 
Size:	242.7 KB 
ID:	37640   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sarah.jpg 
Views:	43 
Size:	211.1 KB 
ID:	37641   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Whitney.jpg 
Views:	47 
Size:	194.1 KB 
ID:	37642  
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    Thanks baby_emmy The pics are a bit strange aren't they! Some of them actually look male. Where's the episode though
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    I know I am actually upset, lol! Just want to see the drama now! :eek: What if we miss next weeks too?!?!

    My view on pics:


    Brittany - Don't like, nothing special
    Dianah - Same
    Dionne - Like the pic, v good
    Jael - Good for the setting, but not good if it was a random male pic - if that makes any sense?!
    Jaslene - Feels like a young teenage couple!
    Natasha - What is up with her neck?!?!
    Renee - Hate anything she does (lol)
    Sarah - Figure is too female...?
    Whitney - I just don't get it

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    Bah I give up for tonight, hope it's up tomorrow!
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    Following on from my last post about the girls who didn't make it, I present Rachael who I believe didn't make cycle 4 (you can correct me if I'm wrong). During auditions she had very pale blonde hair with a dark streak through it, when she was eliminated she was crying in the bathroom and Tyra came and comforted her. This girl seriously rocks, Tyra really missed something.

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    The make up pictures are amazing!

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    And I also have photos of Nargis from cycle 3, I remember her annoying Tyra by saying 'I see modelling as just a job, and that's it' or something along those lines -

    http://www.fansofrealitytv.com/forum...ke-cut-11.html (Scroll down the thread a bit for some great photos)
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    I so don't understand the pictures from the recent episode.....
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    I so don't understand the pictures from the recent episode.....
    They've completely run out of good ideas?
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    I'm giving up on seeing this weeks episode


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