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6th form free periods

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    Hi guys just started 6th form and have some questions about frees

    In your frees are you allowed to go home?

    If I have a free period in the morning then a lesson after, can I stay at home until the lesson or do I have to go in and study in school during the free?

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    It'll depend on your college's policy; I can imagine that some will let you do that, and some won't.

    My school (the Scottish equivalent of sixth form, anyway) allows me to go home whenever I want, provided I have a free period.
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    Depends on your school's policy.

    My school lets you do whatever you want during frees.
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    Depends on your school. Ask your head of sixth.

    (I had to stay in school and work in near-silence :sad:)
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    It depends on your college, but at mine they suggest we stay in if we have free's during the day, but if they are the last two period's of an afternoon, we can leave early, or the first two of a morning we can go in late
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    At my school we have to stay in at all times from first registration until last bell, you can go out at break and lunch though
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    Depends on your college but at mine we can just wander in and out when we like.
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    I think it depends on the actual sixth form... During my time at sixth form, we were allowed to leave the centre so long as we didn't have registration or a lesson during that period. Enjoy your time at sixth form btw
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    Depends, in some to you can leave anytime but in mine you're trapped unless you're year 13 and have a free last - then you can go
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    Our Head of Year kills us if we try and go home during frees. We have a register and everything O.o
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    depends on your place. At mine you had to be in at 8:30 regardless of when your lessons started (which meant this year on mondays I had to be in for 8:30 when my lessons started at 2pm :/)
    Technically we werent allowed to leave during our frees but people did anyway and never bothered to sign out, but generally if you had a free after 3:20 you were fine to leave, but during exam time they kinda wanted to use your frees all the way up to 4:30.
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    At my school you have to be in morning and afternoon registration, so yes. They're going to relax this rule after we've all finished our UCAS applications though.

    I don't mind. I just chill in the 6th form room playing Jenga and stuff. 8)
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    (Original post by ITomI)
    Hi guys just started 6th form and have some questions about frees

    In your frees are you allowed to go home? Yes, why wouldn't you be?

    If I have a free period in the morning then a lesson after, can I stay at home until the lesson or do I have to go in and study in school during the free? If you have frees then a lesson, that basically means you start later on those day ( e.g you don't start college at the same time or finishes at the same time err-day)

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    It depends on the school. At my school, you had to be in all lessons except the last period (the only one after lunch) where you could go home if you had a free period then.
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    As others have said, it depends on your school. At mine, you have to be there from morning registration until the end of the last lesson, regardless of whether or not it was a free period. We weren't allowed out of school grounds during free periods or break without special permission, but we were allowed out at lunch.
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    OMFG I have just started Upper 6th (Year 13) and on Wednesday I have NO lessons at all, ALL DAY (from 9 til 4) and we aren't allowed to go home or come in late - we have to stay in school all day!
    It was sooo boring today doing nothing - next week I might just go in the toilets and masturbate all day.
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    I'm allowed to go home.. but i have to be there for both registrations :/
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    Sorry to but in but I wanted to ask: I am going to go to my 6th form next year starting with 4 subjects history , geog , pe, biologhy . but we do have free periods and private study periods where we have do work in school. but next year I do want to step up my sport and considering the above do you think that's possible ???

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    At my school you're not allowed to go home until your last lesson of the day

    But I don't care and I go home all the time in my double free's. I live 15 minutes walk from my house so I'd rather go home and work during the run-up to exams rather than stay at school and get distracted by my friends who are socialising in the common room. The school are quite mad at me going home and I've had quite a few letters, phone calls and talks. But I tell them straight, I'm not going to get enough work done staying at school. Once you send off your UCAS application, the school are pretty much powerless. They wouldn't dare to change your reference or punish you. As long as you stay on track academically, they don't do anything except the countless letters, phone calls and talks.

    I wouldn't advise skipping any school time until you send off your UCAS application though.......


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