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What's the most disturbing scene you've seen in a film?

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    OK Joke aside the most messed up movie i have watched is 'The Men Behind The Sun'. Its about the treatment of chinese civilians in UNIT 731. Some disturbing **** view at your own risk.

    The rats eating the cat alive is the worst part of the film because the cat is real.
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    all of the Hostel movies
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    (Original post by Gia_x)
    Pretty much the whole of Requiem for a Dream...
    I totally agree, ALL of Requiem for a Dream.
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    This shocked me when I was about 10

    And more recently some of the scenes in the uncut version of Event Horizon
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    In The Green Mile, there's a scene where an execution goes wring because they didn't put a wet sponge on the guys head to make the electric current go straight to his brain.

    He gets burned alive.

    It's absolutely sickening.
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    (Original post by who.the.heck)
    The 'lust' scene in Seven. D:
    Wait what? I saw that film and you can't surely be referring to anything with Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard or Kate Hudson? :lolwut:
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    I thought A Serbian Film was a bloody dark comedy!

    Jokes aside, the most disturbing thing I have ever seen, is the William and Kate - Movie.
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    just about all of "srpski film" / "a serbian film".
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    Meet the Spartans

    the scene where his neck breaks during the break dance battle, i screamed :/
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    Mysterious Skin is pretty messed up in places, child abuse, gay rape, child on child abuse....yeh it's a good film but when my two friends watched it, they were horrified.
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    In Bollywood Films the typical dialogues that are included in 3/4 movies are very disturbing!
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    (Original post by JordanR)
    I don't get disturbed by films. I was able to watch A Serbian Film in bed and fall asleep straight after.

    Still, the closest I've come to that is Antichrist with Willem Dafoe; seeing a woman masturbate next to a barely conscious body and then cut her clitoris off... yeah.
    I guess when the dude eats the live squid in Old Boy is pretty odd too.
    I found this scene very disturbing. I also find the film weird and confusing. :confused:
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    (Original post by swingonthespiral88)
    just about all of "srpski film" / "a serbian film".
    WHY did I google this!?
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    Mississippi Burning. Pretty bad stuff for a 14 year old..
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    I watched this film called Taxidermia, I believe it was Hungarian.

    It was.. an experience. The scene where he perform taxidermy on himself while he is alive..yeah.
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    im not much a film watcher unfortunately but definitely the last 5 minutes of requiem for a dream very disturbing, although also very powerful. so glad i decided not to watch it with my mum after all tehe.
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    (Original post by sango)
    Wait what? I saw that film and you can't surely be referring to anything with Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard or Kate Hudson? :lolwut:
    Huh? I'm talking about the Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman/Kevin Spacey crap-your-pants tense and freaky film about a serial killer...wat are you talking about? :confused:
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    When the doctor gets hung up by his nipples in The Last King Of Scotland.
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    Old Boy was coarse :|
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    I knew the first one to be mentioned would be the kerb stomp.

    Not sure if its the most disturbing but recently I saw a European (think it was Dutch?) film called Schemer about a group of teenagers who isolate a girl in their friendship group and turn the others against her, and they decide to kill her, the disturbing thing is how long and messy the death scene is, it takes about 6 minutes, one of the boys attacks her in the car and she doesn't realise what he's doing at first then she starts fighting him off and screaming and shouting for help, the others are all looking at each other nervously not sure what to do because they thought it would be over quickly, they stop the car and she is still fighting back and screaming and starts smashing on the horn beeping to attract attention, in the end one of them gets a rope out of the boot and three of them tie it round her neck and strangle her. There is no blood or guts and no music playing in the background but it comes over quite horrific because you feel like that is what would actually happen if a gang decided to kill the girl, she wouldn't go quietly she'd fight for her life, and it conveys the uncertainty and confusion of the attackers. It is also disturbing because these are supposedly her friends, so you see how she can't understand what is going on and starts to realise they are actually trying to kill her.


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