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Megathread of Waterloo Road

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    It's on.
  2. Offline

    I didn't know it was coming back this week! I'd have done some work if I'd known. I'll have to watch it on iPlayer :sad:
  3. Offline

    Well this week was a bundle of laughs :eek: Alright story though, glad the gang thing won't be going on for too long!!! Not enough of Josh though
  4. Offline

    Phew, forgot watching this was so exhausting

    I think WR could've and should've made much more of the Michael hit and run story, they could have panned it out over the series where each episode it becomes clearer and clearer to the staff it was Linda or even done a 'who done it' and over the series clues are revealed.

    I think the josh drug storyline will probably run throughout the series, sounds like it could be a good one.

    The gangs storyline is just awful though, really hope it has either ended or ends real soon. Mason makes me wonder if my IQ levels are decreasing every time I hear him.

    I just wish there were more teachers like Grantley, and I still miss the Fishers...especially Jess
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    The whole gang thing is SO CRINGING
  6. Offline

    I havent seen last night's episode. Was it any good?
  7. Offline

    Waterloo Road? This series so far is more like water-loada ****e
  8. Offline

    Just finished watching episode 21, it's the same ol' crap. I'll most likely stop watching it now, and the preview of the next episode is a huge SPOILER.
  9. Offline

    (Original post by Circular)
    Just finished watching episode 21, it's the same ol' crap. I'll most likely stop watching it now, and the preview of the next episode is a huge SPOILER.
    Which part was a huge spoiler? or do you mean the whole thing in generl?
  10. Offline

    Something bad will happen I reckon.

    I am a massive Rachel Mason fan.

    Maggie and Grantly, tension

    Good that Linda got busted

    Moving to Scotland
    Not happy
  11. Offline

    (Original post by gobananas)
    The whole gang thing is SO CRINGING
    I know, that guy's hair is just embarrassing

    Tom's hair looks a bit different this series, I quite like it
  12. Offline

    (Original post by animalnitrate)
    I know, that guy's hair is just embarrassing

    Tom's hair looks a bit different this series, I quite like it
    I quite like Tom :sexface:

    I have no idea why though :erm: But still :sexface:
  13. Offline


    Tom is dreamy!
  14. Offline

    reminder for everyone that it is on at 8pm again.
  15. Offline

    thank you
  16. Offline

    Hope the gang thing ends tonight.

    Loving Grantly
  17. Offline

    its just finished , what did everyone make of the episode then?
  18. Offline

    So pleased that Trudi and Finn won.
    Mr Diamond persuading pupils to vote Maddie, Not on.
    Hope the baby is okay.
    Tariq and the gang, I feel like something bad is going to happen to him.
    Josh and Cannabis, I think there is more to this which will become evident.
    Grantly and Maggie, something will happen.
  19. Offline

    Even though I don't want to admit it...... I am a tiny bit disappointed with this series so far.
    It seems like there's less action.
  20. Offline

    Oh boy when Jez finds out Sian's on the pill
    Anyone notice that Michael was laughing at Jez's comments in the staff room? Suddenly he finds him hilarious!? ...heh, seemed a little odd to me - I don't know why that stood out
    Grantly was just pure win this episode though


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Updated: May 25, 2015
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