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Megathread of Waterloo Road

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    (Original post by Leelad)
    I think it will be Trudis sister.

    Very interesting with regards to the new series

    Btw, when they move schools does anyone have any idea of how many of the current characters will be moving? I know Finn is leaving this year but what about Scout, Denzel, the twins etc?

    Yeah me too.. but then again.. I really want it to be a twist, so mabye it's Trudi in there and not her sister, and then when Finn realises, he rushes to her rescue haha.
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    (Original post by greeneyedgirl)
    I hate it when they introduce a new character for just one episode...
    Same here. Tbh I kind of getting sick of it.
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    (Original post by paniking_and_not_revising)
    I realised that when all the sixth form students sat a chemistry exam without a calculator.

    I thought there was something 'missing' about that exam!
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    (Original post by polaroid13)
    Does anyone else think that Finn is way out of his depth as a gang member? He's being naive about the whole thing.
    Oh yeah...I just can't :facepalm:
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    I really liked the bit where Grantly saved Harley... though he didn't exactly let him get away with it, which was also good
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    (Original post by Dee Leigh)
    Same here. Tbh I kind of getting sick of it.
    I call it 'freak of the week'
    It's like on shows like Buffy or Supernatural where there is an episode not relating to the story arc dealing with one random baddy
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    (Original post by Leelad)
    Does Michaels smile creep anyone else out?
    YES! It's so unnatural.
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    Is tonight episode 29 or 30?

    Episode 30 spoilers
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    (Original post by Leelad)
    Is tonight episode 29 or 30?

    Episode 30 spoilers
    Episode 29.
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    that indian teacher is piffy! haha defo wud tap that
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    (Original post by Blaze008)
    that indian teacher is piffy! haha defo wud tap that
    2 things , Waterloo road doesnt have an indian teacher and its on now.
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    grantly defo needs to get himself some CK briefs
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    quite a good episode , what did everyone make of it?
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    Ronan's back next week.
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    Murder on the dancefloor?

    With a crossbow. A crossbow. :nothing:
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    2 things , Waterloo road doesnt have an indian teacher and its on now.
    There used to be one, and she wasn't piff.
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    Feel sorry for Phoenix

    Grantley and Maggie
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    Grantley, you dog :sexface:

    I feel dirty for using that emote with Grantley's name :indiff:
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    Next week's episode looks shockingly dreadful (apart form return of Ronan :ahee:)
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    Oh yeah Trudi, just casually getting a lift off the headmaster to the den.

    It would've been better closing the school down a few seasons ago IMO, when they had a seasonlong storyline with that guy trying to shut it and get rid of Karen, rather than a couple of episodes and no explanation of who those characters are that make the decision to shut the school.

    The scout wedding thing surely has to be one of the craziest storylines ever, I mean even for WR it was just ridiculous. I know these days teachers have a lot of involvement in kids lives but in WR it's like they practically know everything about the kids and what's going on in their lives.

    Grantley and Maggie


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Updated: May 25, 2015
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