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When to start revising for GCSEs?

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    I'm in YR11 and want to know when to start revising for my terminal exams?

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    (Original post by recurring500)
    I'm in YR11 and want to know when to start revising for my terminal exams?


    Depends how hard you find certain subjects. My form tutor advises beginning in March/April - too early and you might forget it all.
    But if you struggle with one, then you can start a little earlier.
    Just make sure you revise what you actually understand - don't do A* stuff if you aren't an A* candinate!
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    (Original post by recurring500)
    I'm in YR11 and want to know when to start revising for my terminal exams?


    The week before you sit the exams (: past papers, ever single one you can find. 2 hrs a day pre subject if you have study leave.

    There not to difficult, and not too important -unless the uni you want to go to requires them- Wait till you get to A levels to stress about revision.
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    I'm also in year 11. :-)
    I've been back and already been told I've got an English, two French and a maths exam in November. -.-
    I'm not gonna neglect my social life and start revising now, it's just best to stay on top of all the work teachers are giving you, then when it comes to summer exams it should be much easier to revise. :-)
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    I made notes for pretty much everything by December, then added to them in the Easter break about a 1 1/2 months before the exams. Then, intense revision from there.
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    Im in Year 11 to, Ive got a maths exam in November & English Language in January. Im starting to revising subjects now,and im going to keep going over it so I dont forget
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    2 days before exams for maths.

    1 day before the rest.
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    (Original post by Mangaka)
    2 days before exams for maths.

    1 day before the rest.
    I was going to say the same.. but decided on a week. Haha
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    the night before?
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    You should start revising in January.
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    Start March/April time seriously. But seriously, I revised for Maths 2 or 3 days before (and just did a lot of past papers/worked on some topics I struggled with) and came out with A*. Did barely anything for English Lit (my fault) and got a B which is being remarked as it's close to an A...
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    You could probably do no revision whatsoever and still come out with at least a B. GCSEs are nothing.
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    Couple of days before subjects
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    (Original post by recurring500)
    I'm in YR11 and want to know when to start revising for my terminal exams?

    realistically, as long as you complete your homeworks and conslidate your work every week or so, you should revise for your final exams about 2 months before - don't cram at the last minute (although this might work for some people, don't risk it )

    make sure your coursework is good, too - best of luck
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    Hello! I started revising a bit before Easter, then properly got into it in the Easter hols. We had study leave from the first exam onwards, so that helped a lot. Don't start too early...
    But I would recommend reminding yourself of stuff you've learnt throughout the year. That way, you hopefully won't completely forget it :L
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    For the November exams, I started revising at the end of september/mid-october. But for the summer exams, I just started (like seemingly everyone else!) at easter, just because any earlier is unnecessary, and any later is really just putting too much pressure on yourself to get it all done.

    Hope that helps!


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