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Applied to Cardiff through clearing-but no accommodation. Looking for housemates :)

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    Well as the title suggests I applied to Cardiff through clearing, and found out today that I can't be allocated halls and to turn up "on the 27th or 28th" to either go straight into halls or stay in a hotel for an undefined amount of time...

    Three problems- a) Freshers starts on the 18th, and I do not fancy missing out on those drunken shenanigans b)Course inductions start on 26th for most courses and c) I can't be arsed with the hassle.

    Judging by the email and how many courses Cardiff advertised through clearing, I imagine that it was sent to a fair few people, a couple of which I have spoken too today. Basically what I want to do is sort a big house (7 or 8 bedroom) in a good location (Column Road or surrounding streets to be close to town, most of the uni buildings and the SU) and am looking to see what the uptake would be. These are examples of what our money would rent privately-pretty sweet, double bedrooms, all nicely kitted out etc... it's not quite halls but i'm sure with the location it won't matter a great deal!

    It's the sort of thing that I'm hoping to sort within the next week so we can get moving dates and stuff sorted, and I'm in Gloucestershire so I'm happy to do a lot of the legwork- I'm probably only 45 minutes away from the town centre.

    So yeah just looking for other clearing freshers who want to get involved, either comment or PM me for more details.

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    Still looking for people.
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    Hey, i'm in the same situation and like the sound of your plan-- would like to get involved in this.

    Could you post more details plz or pm them? Thanks
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    Hey ! I'm having the same problem, completely homeless !
    I'd definitely be interested, could you send me the details please
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    Count me in!! Just send me details
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    Hey, im in if youre still looking for people?
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    Send me some details and i might be in too xx
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    Also, just a thought but if you make a group on facebook and post the link to the group so we can request to join it migbt be easier to post accom links and chat with anyone who is wanting a house?
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    Sorry but were full up now.
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    Hi everyone , I want 12 week contract accommodation for next semester starts from September untill December ,please help me I couldn't find any accommodation less than 20weeks help meeeee

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    hey looking for a housemate for next year the rent is £240 per month and is 15 mins away from all cardiff campuses share with 2 boys and one girl
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    (Original post by Robbo j)
    hey looking for a housemate for next year the rent is £240 per month and is 15 mins away from all cardiff campuses share with 2 boys and one girl
    Do you accept 12week contract ?

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    (Original post by Ecehos)
    Do you accept 12week contract ?

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    Im sure we can accomemdate that if you will have to ask landlady

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    Hey guys,

    I got into Cardiff through clearing, and everyone who lived in my halls also got in through clearing Don't worry! We all lived in Uni halls, and there were actually empty rooms so you should all get a place in accommodation



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Updated: August 16, 2013
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