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Drunken bed-wetting

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    HAAA HAA HA HA HA! Pishy pantz!
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    In first year, a couple of mates and I came back to our halls after a night out to find a bloke from our corridor face down in the car park having pissed and **** himself. Poor fellow. We managed to carry him to his room and stick the bin beside the bed for future use... but I mean, really.

    Now I've been drunk, very very drunk in fact, but being a guy the world is my urinal - so there's never really been a problem
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    (Original post by imasillynarb)
    If I pissed myself in my sleep because of being drunk, I'd stop drinking.
    you'd get dehydrated very soon. :p:
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    I love it when we share
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    (Original post by LeeC)
    I have **** the bed whilst pissed!
    Hell that must be the worst one I heard while being pissed.........
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Oh my god, I wet the bed last night while very drunk!! Feel incredibly ashamed of myself... think I'll lay off the vodka for a while...

    Anyone else ever done this or something equally as shameful?

    EDIT: I'm seriously giving up drinking. Never pissed myself on drugs I have to say.
    learn to handle your drink
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    Sometimes when you need to pee it just happens OK!!!!!!!
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    You should be ashamed of yourself. You are dirt. Or not.
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    well I once feel down a set of steps, like completely skidded down them and round the corner, stood up, slipped and was sick

    I'm a really bad drunk

    and when I was at my mates halls whn went back ad this guy was lying on the floor, bits out and lying in a pool of his own piss
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    When my friend was drunk she was hunched over the toilet being sick, and she pissed on the carpet.

    That was a great night.
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    ur ine a bit of a dilemma it seems.
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    (Original post by LeeC)
    I have **** the bed whilst pissed!
    Do you live with your parents? Must have been a pint and a half explaning why you had to change the sheets in the middle of the night... oh and why you spilled 'chocolate spread' on them.
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    You people are pathetic.
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    cant say ive ever had that...
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    seriously, some of these things are actually pretty appalling.
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    But mate it may be real life. Its happens.
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    Real maybe but not an enviable life.
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    Hey and I can remember once pissing in my bed yonks ago. So its just normal life, think of this topic as just a fun thing from our childhood day.
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    I swamped the bed a few weeks back. Woke up soaking wet and still hammered so slept on the floor until about 8am. Shower, laundry and then everything back to normal by 10am. Oh boy, how I got the mick taken out of me. Saying that though even I saw the funny side.


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