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How to completely remove adverts from your web browser.

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    Firstly a message for admin - This is completely legal so do not lock/delete this thread.
    I wanted to create this thread in order to show people how to completely remove adverts from their web browser. I am sure that many people know about this but plenty will not. This method will remove everything that can even be considered an advert. And yes, this includes adverts on youtube videos and on 4od.

    In order to do this you must be using firefox. It can be done with chrome but it does not work as well.
    You must then install the add-on called adblock plus

    That is it. You should now be completely advert free. You can change settings by clicking on the red ABP logo in the top right of your browser. I would recommend keeping it on the default fanboy's block list as it supports the blocking of aggressive banners on adult sites.
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    It does a nice job on the TSR ads as well. Never knew there was any till I disabled it...
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    Lol yeah I wasn't going to mention those though. I feel bad for people who pay £3.99 a month to block them.
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    Bump as this was posted at a pretty odd time.
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    I block TSR ads aswell. Flash ads are terrible for the mind, eyes, soul, browser, computer and Internet.
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    (Original post by AD7863)
    I block TSR ads aswell. Flash ads are terrible for the mind, eyes, soul, browser, computer and Internet.
    The mind in particular. I have been clean of adverts for a year now.
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    Seems too good to be true, I smell trojan simply out of paranoia.
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    Shame im not on firefox...i know NOTHING about this sort of thing...


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Updated: September 10, 2011
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