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How much alcohol should I drink on my first time?

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    I'm going to uni in two weeks and I've never drunk alcohol before in my life. I'm just wondering how much you think I'd be able to drink without getting drunk? I don't want to get drunk (at least on my first few times when I'm in a place I don't know) at all. Also, I'm really light - male, 5'6, like 110 pounds...

    I'm probably going to drink alcopops like WKD (really slowly) since I'd be able to drink more without getting drunk?

    EDIT: Probably not going to go with the alcopops now since apparently it's a recipe for the piss being taken out of you. Is this the same case with cider or is that considered manly enough? *rolls eyes*
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    Alcopops are normally about 4%, which is the same as a normal lager, so it won't really help. The only benefit is that they are much "easier" to drink due to the sweet taste.

    It's down to preference for taste in terms of what drink you want, and how many you can drink? That's pretty hard to say as there are a lot of factors. Make sure you have a substantial meal before you drink though, as that's going to help.
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    Go slowly. The big mistake people make when they first start drinking is thinking they're not drunk and then going on to drink too much - sometimes it can take a while for the alcohol to take affect. Just try drinking alcopops/beer at first so that you can test your limits.
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    Yeah WKD's are the same roughly as a beer or a cider. So save yourself the embarrasment of drinking them and find another drink that you like the taste of.
    Aslong as you don't drink too much, or too fast, you shouldn't get drunk.
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    You'll just have to learn through practise tbh. But i would give the obvious advice of avoiding vodka shots and most drinking games cos you have less control of what you're drinking. I'd say 1 or 2 WKDs per hour will give you a 'buzz' without being too drunk. Totally depends on the individual though.
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    Avoid spirits is the best advice I can give you.
    If you've never drunk before, a few shots of vodka can get you hammered.

    I suppose eating a big meal before going out, sipping on WKD, and drinking soft drinks between each alcoholic drink should refrain you from getting drunk.

    Just don't assume that because WKD are arguably "low" in alcohol percentage, they can't get you drunk! They can. I'd avoid drinking too many straight after each other.
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    (Original post by ak9779)
    I'm going to uni in two weeks and I've never drunk alcohol before in my life. I'm just wondering how much you think I'd be able to drink without getting drunk? I don't want to get drunk (at least on my first few times when I'm in a place I don't know) at all. Also, I'm really light - male, 5'6, like 110 pounds...

    I'm probably going to drink alcopops like WKD (really slowly) since I'd be able to drink more without getting drunk?
    WKD is seen as a ladies drink so that might not be the best bet unless you're prepared for the ribbing you'll no doubt get.
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    Eh Coffee
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    Have a proper meal before you go out, and alternate your alcoholic drinks with soft ones, as it will take you a little while to realise that you're getting drunk. When you're starting to feel quite merry, then there's usually still some alcohol waiting to be metabolised, so you shouldn't try and drink loads more at this point as you will get drunk.

    Some people will make fun of you for drinking alcopops though, as they just look a bit silly and girly. (Although I don't like the taste of beer or wine, so if I can't get spirits that's what I usually have.)
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    The best advice I can think of is go with ciders, as they are sweet enough, (I found beer to be an acquired taste), and alcopops tend to be pretty horrible (think panda pops with extra sugar) and people will take the piss. Also, when you get home, drink 2-3 pints of water and take another glass with you to drink in the morning. It really helps with the hangover
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    try something like rum and coke if you get fed up of alcopops. i can take about 2 or 3 spirit and mixers in an evening before i feel very lightheaded. just take it slowly coz you dont think youve had much then the effects kind of hit you. a drink an hour is a good rate i think...
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    Well because it's your first time that means this is the one and only opportunity that you can drink as much as you like and it will have absolutely no effect on your body. After your first time you need to watch what you drink because your body adapts negatively to the alcohol and your bodies resistance decreases. So I suggest because it's your first time and your body is in "binge" mode I would advise you to drink a full 75cl bottle of vodka meaning when your body adjusts and you become less resistant to alcohol you don't become a light weight.

    A full bottle of this would be suffice:

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    Do people take the piss out of guys drinking cider as well or is it just alcopops?
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    Beers X 5
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    None of them or a shot of JD or a cocktail or glass of beer:P
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    Just stick to beer/cider for the first time, you can get nicely drunk from socially drinking it.
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    the first time i drank i has 2 vodka shots and a bit of disaronno (sp?)
    Literally didn't feel anything and it was my first time lol (about a few days ago :ninjagirl:)
    We'll see what happens to me in freshers
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    Over 9000 shots of vodka should get you nicely sozzled.
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    I'd strongly suggest trying to drink something before you go to uni, as it will give you a much better idea where limits lie.
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    Alcopops are good for 13 year old ADHD kids addicted to sugar.

    Just get a generic lager and don't go mad. Just don't do shots to begin with. Drink at a normal rate and its blindingly obvious because you can feel it.

    You can feel the effects and moderate yourself you know its not like you can't tell. If you haven't drank before it'll probably be like 1 or 2 pints to start to feel the effects like a buzz, and 3 or 4 you'll start to feel alittle dizzy (in a good way if that makes sense) so just stop when it feels good and drink more when it starts to wear off.

    Or you know do what half the idiots do and drink to keep up with those 3rd years telling them to "down it fresher" and go throw up in the bush and wake up somewhere with no clothes.

    Up to you.

    EDIT: Oh and when I say dizzy I don't mean you can't walk in a straight line. You can just feel the effects you can walk fine at that stage I just can't describe it any other way you have to go experience it. You can actually push it alot further than that and actually find it difficult to walk straight and still remember your night and not embarrass yourself but you have to learn your limits first. It's not something you can do by accident don't worry you'll know to stop drinking if you don't want to be one of those poeple. The idiots that go throw up and can't stand don't do it by accident they do it week after week its a deliberate choice.

    Alcohols not this thing that changes you. The people that use it as an excuse are doing just that, its an excuse. It doesn't make you an idiot, and it doesn't make you sexually promiscuous. It just removes inhibitions. If people become either of those things it means they already were those things before the drink they just keep it under wraps.


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