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Any TV show made you cry or upset before?

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    Oprah Winfrey :- there was this particular episode where she had brought victims of pedophilia.. I was 13 years old back in the days when I used to watch TV...

    I don't think I ever cried after that... not due to a tv show...
    I tried to transform into a super saiyan once countless times*lol*

    Oh the good old days of innocence xD
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    The only tv show that really manages to make me upset is Dexter. I cried when he killed Brian, when Lundy died, when Rita died, and when I'm not crying I'm shouting at the screen or begging the universe to stop something from happening.
    I'm rewatching Season 5 at the moment and I'm actually still gasping, wincing and praying, even though I know what's going to happen ffs :emo:
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    The latest Doctor Who episode had me in tears... and I rarely cry at films/TV.
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    Forgot I cried at the end of 24. I felt like I've lived my life with Jack...
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    I've never even came close to crying at anything... until I watched 24 hours in A&E.

    There were two incredibly emotional episodes that really got to me - I didn't cry but I'd probably have felt better if I had It's just because I'm so aware that it's real life. Great show though, loved it!
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    You must be a sad man to cry during Hollyoaks.
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    My finale, season 8 of scrubs ( the episodes where J.D leaves)

    I believe I actually wept
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    That Pokemon episode when Ash tries to leave his Pikachu behind to be with all the other Pikachus. :'(
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    Oh and Generation Kill hit me baaaad at times.
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    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode where Will's dad turns up after years and after getting Will's hopes up of them spending time together on a trip he runs away again.
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    Pushing Daisies and Firefly and Doctor Who have all definitely made me cry.

    Plus, if I'm having an emotional day, documentary type shows on channel 4 have been known to push me over the edge :getmecoat:
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    When kenan moved away in kenan and kel. Kel rushes back to the house with a picture of them framed to see him off, but he's too late and the house is empty. You know its sad when theres now awww here it goes at the end :cry2:
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    I can beat all of you for wimpiness I cried at the end of a series I HAD NEVER WATCHED. I didn't even watch the finale, I just read about it on wikipedia.

    It was Angel, never seen a single seccond of it though I have watched Buffy. Just I know the premise- they fight monsters, the show ran for six years and in the end in the final battle they died fighting against overwhelming odds and I hate the writers for that, because in any adventure show

    1. charachters are faced with certain death
    2. there's an ad break
    3. the writers bring in some last minute reprive and the bad guy dies.

    And all the writers had to do was give them one last reprieve after 6 years and as it was the last episode then we could have thought they rode off into the sunset righting wrongs etc. But they didn't. I didn't even cry when I read about it, I started thinking about it in Business studies class and started crying for 20 minuets.

    A slightly more legitimate one is the end of Robin hood the series, which I have watched. Gets me every time.
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    (Original post by peachpassion)
    Skins. Once. and The Vampire Diaries. The ending of Friends. And this:

    My heartstrings were being pulled and then Mel C opened her mouth and all I could think of was bo'selecta.
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    Dexter Season 4 ending was so horrific and shocking, I burst into tears and even woke up crying the next day! I had just watched season 3 and 4 back to back (apart from work) had been immersed in Dexter, and his development into a love and fatherhood.

    There is an episode of Scrubs with a blonde girl who has a terminal illness and she dies at the end, it has alot of singing in it, that made me brawl and I think I probably cryed a little at that Dr Cox ending and a few others.

    The fifth episode of House (I have only seen the first five episodes, literally just watched this about 10 minutes ago) were the baby died and he/she is so tiny and he takes off her nappy t do an autopsy .

    I cryed at the lost episode where the fit Iraqi man and his blonde girlfriend die, I saw it when I was 15 and totally enthralled by the series and concept of redemption that was so prominent, so to have them die when they had found love broke my heart.

    Moe and Trevor in Eastenders! I was just a child, that Christmas episode when you can hear her screaming as the camera pans to the door with the carol singers behind it broke my heart, honestly if I guy ever beat up my sister or friends like that I think I would kill them.

    There has probably been more, but these are the saddest I can think of right now.
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    If anyone has seen Harpers Island, it's a show about a froup of people getting killed off in horrible ways stuck on a island. It's kinda good and but the ending is like WTF!????.

    But this one scene breaks my heart and made me weep, this couple who are kinda annoying at first but then when they are being chased by the killer and you see they love each other so deeply. They guy :cry: is trying to save the girl :cry: but he is killed by the evil killer :cry: and his fiance is so broken hearted she just lets her self fall to her death:cry: :cry: :cry:

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    Scrubs is the only one that's ever made me bawl like a little girl. Ben dying and the finale get me every time, and I remember weeping at the one where Doctor Cox's patients all die as well... something about that show
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    I have cried at a few shows, 24 when it finished. A few times watching desperate housewives - when Edie died, when Lynette lost her baby, and when gabby's baby was taken away. 24 hours in A&E when ted died
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    Some episodes of Lost were emotional and I also watched the pilot episode of Party of Five and thought it was very emotional, especially considering the storyline.

    Edit: Also the season 4 finale of Dexter.
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    (Original post by Zoya Khan)
    The season finale of the The Vampire Diaries. DAMON WAS GONNA DIE.
    I wouldn't watch the show if he did
    My heart was breaking watching that episode


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