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Tesco flexi contracts?

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    My flexi contract is 15 hours of core work and then my availability for flexible shifts says 6am -10pm on most days.

    This is what I originally put on my application form because I was not thinking of uni at all when I filled the form in.

    At the interview i said i was at uni and so i said my hours can only be evenings and weekends and she filled that in.

    At my induction thought my offer letter was 15 hours of work (which is correct), and flexible hours of 6am-10pm.

    Are these flexi hours easy to change? I don't want to lose the job!

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    surely someone can help me??
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    Are you working there yet? When do you start? If you have started, talk to HR. Remind them you are in uni. When you can, furnish them with your timetable so they can block off days if neccessary if you've loads of lectures until late. If you haven't yet started, ask when you do start if you could clarify your hours of availability with the store manager and with HR.


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Updated: September 13, 2011
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