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Most underrated and overrated actors/actresses

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    (Original post by charcharchar)
    Underrated- Adrian Brody

    Overrated- Brad Pitt.
    +rep but for your photo of Frank Turner, love love love

    I also think Edward Norton deserves more credit, and I hate Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey, grrr.
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    Kate winslet i feel is underrated actress and overrated actress has to angelina jolie.
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    Overrated: Keanu Reeves.

    He's been in a few decent films, but he can't actually act, he's just the same in everything.
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    (Original post by chipskylark)
    I really don't like Mark Wahlberg :ashamed2:

    I'd like a reason for this blasphemy please

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    (Original post by Ventura7)
    liam neeson is underrated i feel.
    I like all his films but he is very similar in everything
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    (Original post by Harry-AA)
    Kevin Spacey is the best actor I've ever seen (maybe joint with Jonny Depp)

    Most overrated (I don't think he's that highly rated but he's in so many films) has to be Nicholas Cage.
    I love Nicholas Cage
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    (Original post by Kaykiie)
    I love Nicholas Cage
    The man doesn't know the meaning of the word act... He is in a few good films but he never carries the movie. He is just SO wooden it's unreal
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    Jennifer Aniston, she's annoying and virtually the same character in every film she's in
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    Overrated: Johnny Depp. He plays the same "I'm a weirdo" character. The one movie where he didn't really, Public Enemy, he was so utterly **** and boring that I never even finished it.

    Underrated: Keanu Reeves. That man is a brilliant actor, and people just don't seem to appreciate it because they view Neo as a plank of wood, forgetting that the character was meant to be like that.
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    (Original post by Harry-AA)
    The man doesn't know the meaning of the word act... He is in a few good films but he never carries the movie. He is just SO wooden it's unreal
    I'm the only person I know that likes him. I can't explain it, I love all of his films (minus ghost rider :teehee:).
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    (Original post by morematterlessartx)
    Ahh sounds amazing, I was gutted I didn't manage to get tickets!
    I was extremely lucky to get tickets tbh. It was justifiably sold out months in advance. I've seen a lot of great films and quite a few great plays but I don't think I've seen many performances as stunning as Spacey's Richard III (it was directed fantastically by Sam Mendes which helped of course!). He delivered humour, pathos, anguish, despair, fear and greed all with equal brilliance. The whole thing lasted more than 3 hours, and even in the last half an hour or so that builds up to the Battle of Bosworth not one person moved from the edge of their seat. I've never seen anything like it. I would happily see it several times more if I could, and that's a rare thing to say about something that lasts so long and is so intense. Despite not being as prolific as them yet, Spacey's definitely right up there with Olivier, Gielgud, Burton and O'Toole as one of the greatest modern Shakespearian actors. I think Spacey's one of those actors whose talents can't quite be seen to their full extent in ordinary movies; you need to see him in this sort of role, as a Shakespearian protagonist, to realise his full capabilities.

    (Original post by floralia)
    That was amazing. Someone told me some people had been saying he wasn't good, but I thought he was fantastic.
    Who told you that?? Maybe they didn't understand the play itself, or lost interest half way through? I still find it surprising because, even to me, someone who's unfamiliar with the play, it was absolutely riveting throughout and both the events themselves and the character of Richard were very easy to relate to. Maybe that's testament to how good Kevin Spacey and Sam Mendes were, perhaps.
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    I know he's won an Oscar but I love CUBA GOODING JR!

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    (Original post by Kaykiie)
    I love Nicholas Cage

    Overrated - Mark Wahlberg
    Underrated - Geoffrey Rush: He had the best performance in "the king's speech", too bad he didn't win an oscar for it.
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    (Original post by Ventura7)
    liam neeson is underrated i feel.
    i think hes wildly overated- he only has one emotion
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    (Original post by Rascacielos)
    A lot of people seem to love Sarah Jessica Parker. She drives me nuts because her acting is the same in every single film.
    I can't even bare to see her - I just want to pick up the nearest heavy object and throw it at the TV!!

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    justin Timberlake = Just stick to ****ing singing you camp bastard.
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    (Original post by Mr. Overstood)

    I will never betray him.
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    Under rated - Benedict Cumberbatch

    Saw in him Frankenstein as the Creature, utterly amazing.

    Also a few months later in a documentary-drama abotu Van Gough.

    Both challenging roles to play and very well done.
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    Underrated: Gary Oldman and Alan Rickman, such diverse actors who have played so many diffferent roles, especially Oldman who many people don't acknowledge, I say Gary Oldman and my friends are like: "Who?" and only recognise him by face when I saw who he has played.

    Overrated: Tom Cruise, he's done good films in the past, but now it seems he just churns out pointless hollywood action films, Knight and Day was terrible.
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    Overrated - Jason Statham

    He just brings out the same **** over and over


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