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GIRLS, what do you eat daily?

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    Breakfast- usually a bowl of cereal (at the mo special K or cheerios) with some semi-skimmed milk OR two slices of toast with some low fat spread and marmite/honey.

    Lunch- this varies. Can be a sandwich or eggs on toast or some pitta with homous. If I'm going running in the evening I'll usually have a bigger (more carby) lunch such as pasta with sauce.

    Evening- again this varies. Generally have something like breaded fish and oven chips, pie with mash and peas, tacos, spaghetti bolognese whatever really. If I've had a biggish lunch then I might just have a snack (such as toast) in the evening.

    I'm about 5ft 5 and weigh about 57KG (which I believe is just below 9 stone).

    female, 6'4 height, 66kg weight. also, about 12 to 13% body fat......

    i typically consumer 2600 to 3000 calories per day. thankfully, my marathon training helps burn off this intake like nobody's business ^^

    i don't eat alot i know that's really bad, but sometimes when i'm so stressed out, food appears to be the last thing on my mind.

    breakfast- nothing
    lunch- nothing (diet coke)
    dinner- whatever my family is eating

    (Original post by NOBODY MOVE!)
    female, 6'4 height, 66kg weight. also, about 12 to 13% body fat......

    i typically consumer 2600 to 3000 calories per day. thankfully, my marathon training helps burn off this intake like nobody's business ^^
    :eek: girl you need to be on britain's next top model!

    An average day:

    Breakfast: Bran Flakes&semi skimmed or Shreddies&semi skimmed + tea 1 sugar/coffee 2 sugars

    Snack: Coffee & piece of fruit

    Lunch: Tin of soup/sandwich/2 slices of toast/leftover dinner (today is leftover spaghetti)

    Snack: 2 sticks of KitKat or fruit depends on how I'm feeling

    Dinner:Veg curry & bread/scrambled eggs on toast/chicken & veg/fajitas/something along those lines. I'm not too carb hungry of an evening but will eat bread or a little bit of rice/pasta/cous cous/sweet potatoes etc

    Dessert: Usually sweet tea and a cookie if I'm still hungry or a Muller youghurt because they are my crack cocaine. As I eat really late due to work: 9pm on average I tend not to need sweet treats though last night's yoghurt was an exception. :coma:

    I'm 5ft 10, 14/16 on bottom 14 on top.

    Breakfast: Bagel and a cup of tea.
    Lunch: Fibre Plus bar.
    Dinner: Big plate of pasta with a slice of bread. Yoghurt for dessert.

    But that's NOT healthy for every day- I have to lose weight fast then I can get some surgery that I need.

    (Original post by Pixiefairy)
    :eek: girl you need to be on britain's next top model!
    *tilts head to one side* ''girrrrrrrrrl!''
    ^......no,wait, that's just a tyra banks /america's top model phrase! not british one :/

    and i would verymuch prefer not to appear on such a programme.....

    (Original post by NOBODY MOVE!)
    *tilts head to one side* ''girrrrrrrrrl!''
    ^......no,wait, that's just a tyra banks /america's top model phrase! not british one :/

    and i would verymuch prefer not to appear on such a programme.....
    actually, yeah true say

    Breakfast: nothing normally, possibly half a grapefruit. I've never been a fan of eating in the morning.

    Lunch: caesar salad or non-fat natural yoghurt with fresh rasperries, or leftovers from dinner the day before haha

    Dinner: chicken, veg and quinoa, or I'll do something with salmon, or mince, like mince burgers with feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

    I'm a big fan of fruit so I usually have a fruit salad for dessert in the evening, with a bit of dark (85%) chocolate.

    I'm 5'7 and I don't actually know what I weigh, but I'm a size 12.

    My diet at the moment is terrible, I'm so ashamed of it.

    Breakfast: Bowl of muesli with skimmed milk

    Throughout the day: Large bar of Dairy Milk (230g) or massive bag of crisps.

    Dinner: Hot meal - some sort of protein, carbs and veg. And a yoghurt.

    BUT once I get back to uni I'm not planning on continuing like this! This is my plan:

    Breakfast: Bowl of muesli with skimmed milk/porridge/2 slices wholemeal toast with peanut butter

    Lunch: Pasta salad/sandwich/sushi plus fruit

    Dinner: Hot meal, yoghurt

    Snacks: Fruit!!

    EDIT: I don't want to say my weight but my BMI is 22.7.

    Breakfast - two weetabix and a slice of toast, cup of tea
    Lunch - normally a cheese toastie with salad, a piece of fruit, and some kind of cake or biscuit
    Dinner - varies a lot, normally involves 3 vegetables, meat or fish and potato/rice/pasta
    I tend to snack on biscuits and tea/coffee throughout the day.

    Age 19, 5'6" (170cm) , weigh 9.5 stone.

    Breakfast: bowl of branflakes (about 60g, and yes, I do weigh it out!) plus semi-skimmed milk. Black coffee.

    Dinner: generally either rice with tuna, or pasta with sauce, or a bagel and soup, or three scrambled eggs.

    Afternoon: endless cups of tea. I drink Earl Grey/herbal tea though, so this is a caffeine-free habit, but also an expensive one I might also have a cereal bar mid-afternoon, depending on how my blood sugar is going, or I might have a slice of bread, or half a bagel, or a couple of crackers, or the like.

    Tea: whatever, really. Probably some source of carbohydrate, some source of protein, and some veg.

    I then have to have something sweet (it doesn't have to be big, it just feels wrong to end a meal without a little bit of sugar ) like fruit with sugar on it, or something similar.

    I'm 5'8 and about 11 stone (and yes, I am a healthy weight; I exercise quite a lot, so a lot of it honestly is muscle, and in any case my BMI is under 25, so there we go). Bear in mind also that I have congenital hyperinsulinism, which affects eating habits (I basically pass out if I haven't eaten for a while, so I have to snack on complex carbs pretty much continuously, and make sure my breakfast is a decent size and the like) and fat storage, so I think I'm doing pretty well given how much my biology is against me :yep:

    (Original post by NotSoCool.Fly)
    omg what the actual **** im 5 4 too and even being 8 1/2 stone / 8 stone id be skiiny ur seriously underweight idiot.

    op i eat junk cos im addicted/honey coated cereal/chocolate/curry/biscuits anything and everything inn the house

    5 ft 4 havent weighed myself but quite curvy

    seriously this girls sick.
    I've actually really struggled to put weight on all my life, I eat what I want, when I want but even if I stuff myself every day I don't gain weight. I do want to be a little bigger and I am trying to put some muscle on but my body is stubborn and likes to stay the way it is.
    To call me sick when you really have no idea, I'd say you're the idiot.

    Depends whether I'm living with my parents or grandfolks.

    Parent's house:
    Breakfast - usually none
    Lunch - Jelly
    Dinner - Lasange/Chicken Kievs and Waffles/Meat Pie/Ham salad etc
    Snacks - A bag of crisps, more jelly.

    Grandma's house:
    Breakfast - M & S Delicious nutty crunch breakfast cereal with milk and hot chocolate
    Lunch - 2 ham butties/steak pie/jacket potato
    Dinner - Chicken pie and Jacket potato or tomato pasta or meat pie or cottage pie, etc, followed by either a cold slice of apple pie or a bowl of strawberries and ice cream
    snacks - biscuit and some cake

    My grandparents are 'feeders'; they're constantly terrified I'm going to starve to death in their care.

    Yesterday it was

    Breakfast: Special K berry crunch cereal with semi-skimmed milk

    Lunch: Tuna and lettuce sandwich, yoghurt, crisps and a muffin

    Dinner: Chicken in BBQ sauce and pasta, grapes, strawberries and crisps

    Pretty sure I has some biscuits as well.

    It's not normally as bad as that

    5"6 and 9st2

    Breakfast: Shreddies with skimmed milk and a banana
    Lunch: Usually a sandwich or a salad with a chocolate bar
    Dinner: Meat/fish with at least 2 veg
    Snacks: Wow, where do I begin....I probably eat 2 chocolate bars a day and 3 cups of tea with sugar. I do like eating bananas and strawberries as snacks but that's usually followed by chocolate :P Oh deaar

    I'm 4ft 9" and currently weigh 7st 4lbs. I usually weigh 6st 9lbs but a change to medication has made me put on weight :/

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Hey sorry I am interested as to what you eat *generally* on a day to day basis, how often you'd eat out at resturants and stuff

    Could you also add like weight/height obviously if you want to!

    I am just curious how other people eat compared to me!

    Thank you
    5"11 and 58kg

    Everyday I definitley eat; cheese and veg and porridge.

    majority of days I'll eat; salmon or trout, rice and fruit.

    once ever month or so; meat

    Breakfast: Cereal (cocopops usually) and cup of tea, sometimes just a cup of tea.
    Lunch: Rivitas or some other crackers, a banana and a biscuit.
    Dinner: Chicken nuggets, chips and peas, or salad if im feeling healthy, depending on what I already ate that day.
    I'm 5 foot 6 and weigh just over 8 stone.

    i'm 5'3" and i don't know how much i weigh because when i do i become obsessed with it...i know i'm a size 8 and have a 24" waist.

    breakfast: a bowl of cereal and cup of coffee
    Lunch: normally either sandwich, pasta salad, soup or ryvitas with humous
    Dinner: well my mum normally cooks it, it's normally pretty balanced though, meat, carb and loads of veg
    (everything in my house is the low fat equivalent...my mums obsessed)

    if i snack i normally have a piece of fruit or yoghurt or cereal bar

    i go for lunch or out for dinner a few times a month

    Breakfast: 2 Weetabix, semi skimmed milk followed by a mullerlight and some fruit (or just the weetabix if I'm not feeling all that hungry)
    Lunch: pasta with quorn, broccoli and whatever other veggies I have lying around (usually leeks and green beans...mmm) or cous cous with garlic instead of the pasta.
    Dinner: depends, usually a curry made with quorn, lots of spices and fat free yoghurt/quark, orrrr grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, orrrr chinesey style pork with rice (this is what I'm having tonight )

    I don't eat out anymore, this is what caused me to gain loads of weight since moving to uni So now I'm following Slimming World and I've lost a stone, 2 more to go and I'll be back at my pre-uni weight


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