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Where's your favourite hoodie from?

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    I did infact get it when I was touristing it up around London.
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    Why not get a uni hoodie?
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    my sixth year leavers' hoodie, its the only one i own and it's super comfy
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    My favourite for slobbing about in, and for wearing when I'm going to play hockey, is one from sixth form. My 'nicer' hoodies are from Joules.

    Although this isn't exactly a hoodie (no hood...), it's my favourite: http://www.joules.com/en-GB/Womens-P...Detail.raction
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    My Polo Ralph Lauren one is really comfy but it was expensive
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    I don't care if everyone's slating hollister on TSR, they do great hoodies.
    Yeah, a lot of people wear it. But they are so comfy it's unreal!
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    (Original post by Uneschka)
    Why not get a uni hoodie?
    aiming to get that too! :P not at uni yet though so not sure how to get it
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    Hoody from a fencing competition. :love: To be fair, it's currently my only hoody, so there's no contest.
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    (Original post by hypercaine.)
    Hollister hoodies are nice, I dont care whether people hate the brand or not.
    I have one and its really good, the inside is really comfortable and warm, during the winter it was great! The only downside was the price (£60) and the fact its from Hollister. Apart from that though it was great.

    (Original post by hali0112)
    A lot of people are quick to dismiss hollister but their hoodies are great! I bought one this summer and it is just so soft and comfortable to wear. I love hoodies and have some from GAP and aeropostale but this is my favourite one because it is the most comfortable. but hollister hoodies are expensive though. I got mine in New York and it came to about £33 but the same hoody in the UK comes to about £50 which is a lot more. if you're looking for comfort go for hollister!
    I agree was trying them on, so soft and warm! What gets me is I see a lot of 12/13/14 year olds wearing hollister :/
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    I quite like soul cal - republic
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    does anyone know of any really warm hoodie/ jacket things
    I want to take one for silver DofE and were going in October so its going to be freezing!!!
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    I got mine for the Zara Man department, fits really well and is really warm! My next favourite has to be from Primark XD Just because it's really cheap but really fluffy and warm
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    (Original post by Forget that)
    does anyone know of any really warm hoodie/ jacket things
    I want to take one for silver DofE and were going in October so its going to be freezing!!!
    Wear two at once I was volunteering at a festival this summer, and we'd sometimes get a 10pm-1am shift, for which I wore at least two hoodies and two t-shirts, plus two pairs of trousers, in order not to freeze. That was August. Please take more than one hoodie, no matter how warm it is
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    My animal one is my favourite, i like the colour :P
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    My favourite one is a personalised one for my dance team but I think it's by Fruit of the Loom. So comfy and surprisingly flattering for a hoody!!
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    My favourite for a long time was a Vancouver 2010 winter games hoody, but then the neck hole shrunk and I couldn't get my head through it
    Now my favourite hoody is probably my City University one, it's not one of those with the uni name in block capitals huge across the front, which I always think are a little tacky if you don't go to the uni. It just has 'City University London' very small on the left breast, and a cool design which looks a little like MOLYMOD on the sleeve.
    My other favourite is my dance studio one, because it makes me feel like part of a club the only issue is that since it has my name on the front I generally only wear it when I'm only with people I already know rather than when out in town, or when I'm gonna be wearing a coat.

    My other other favourite hoody is a thick green zippy London 2012 one which I've sewn a few Brownie badges to. It basically serves as a coat - I wore it for Hard Rock Calling this June, where there was lots of rain, and it kept me dry
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    Abercrombie and Fitch. Fairly expensive, yes, but they have amazingly long sleeves, are good quality, last well and don't 'date'- mine is a few years old and you can't tell. Well worth the £50.
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    Does anyone know where I can just buy a plain Zip Up hoodie online?
    I would go to the shops, but I have no money at the moment.
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    My red American Apparel batwing sleeved one (the exact one Doctor Who's Amy Pond wears in the Weeping Angels episodes).


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