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AQA A2 Biol4 January 2012 pre- exam discussion

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    (Original post by rm.xo)
    omg, im the same! i resat my biol2 in june too! biol5 was a bitch thoug, i thought id done so well, and the paper was great, and i got a C :s

    overall ive got a B in a level bio, but i want an A. Trying to get my grade up without having to resit biol5 hahaha
    Wtf? I'm exactly the same as you! I got a C in BIOL5 and a B in BIO6X, tried to get them both remarked and BIOL5 stayed the same and BIO6X went down by 2 UMS :indiff:

    So I'm not 22 UMS off an A instead of 20 UMS :sigh:
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    Thats mad! You're a lot closer to an A than i am though. Ive got:
    BIOL1 C
    BIOL2 A
    BIOL3 (ISA) A
    BIOL4 B
    BIOL5 C
    BIOL6 (ISA) A

    I need 32 more UMS for an A!

    What have you got in your modules?
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    hi guys can someone answer my biol3 question pls http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/show...ighlight=biol3
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    Also how do you revise for biol4? The nelson thomas books are good but biol4 is application of knowledge which I find difficult...
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    I'm on a gap year, resitting biol1,2 and 4 in jan. I definetly feel I can pull off good grades, just need to focus alot more in the exams.
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    anyone got any pastpaper qustions on individual topics? hardyweinberg principle and speciation and selection ?
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    (Original post by Smiley Face :))
    This was a reallly hard paper in my opinion! Think its unfair that there are soo many how science works questions
    That's exactly what i thought!


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