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Footballers you like who dont play for your club

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    Gonzalo Higuain.
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    (Original post by Naylor_92)
    That Luka Modric goal is not lucky, it is great improvisation actually.
    I said it was jammy, not lucky. Not my fault the youtube video has it down as 'luckiest goal ever'
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    David Silva
    Agent Bruce
    Balotelli (for hilarity)
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    i also like Lionel Messi aswell
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    Danny Invincible
    Danny ****tu
    Milan Fukal
    Rod Fanni
    David Goodwillie
    Johan De Cock
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    (Original post by marcusmerehay)
    Danny Invincible
    Danny ****tu
    Milan Fukal
    Rod Fanni
    David Goodwillie
    Johan De Cock
    You forgot Mark De Man
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    Support Arsenal, three players I like that would bring us the league: (Not gonna happen though)

    Thiago Silva
    Bastian Schweinsteiger
    Karim Benzema
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    My realistic ideal targets would be:

    I'd love to see Bale or Ramsey at United though, to fill the Welsh gap when Giggs retires.
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    Clearly Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Pique.


    Aaron Ramsey.

    Jack Wilshere.

    Sergio Aguero.

    Luis Suarez, Nani, Rooney, Pato.

    There are loads. :erm:
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    Oh, and Gareth Bale.
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    David Luiz, he knows not to take football too seriously.
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    (Original post by fallen_acorns)
    park - seems to work very hard, all the time
    So does Dirk Kuyt and Craig Mackail-Smith.
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    (Original post by Birdman1234567)
    That pacey fulham winger
    Damien Duff?
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    Zlatan. Easily one of the most talented players I've seen. Yet people who never watch him play will tell you he's ****. :rolleyes:

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    David Silva and David Villa have always been two I liked who never joined either
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    (Original post by hbk4894)
    which footballers would you say you liked who dont play for your club and never have done

    my choices are

    Edin Dzeko - good player , works hard
    and Rafael Van Der Vaart - good player also
    Sergio Aguero, Was gutted when we didnt sign him as replacement for torres. Golden opportunity to buy him and we didnt...


    Van Persie: carrying his whole team along. what a guy
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    Roman Pavlyuchenko, Carlos Tevez, Kaka, David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Andriy Shevchenco.

    I support Man Utd.
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    Man United Fan. I would be wishing for a lot of new players to replace that trash currently in the squad.


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